Friday, May 30, 2008

How to Combo like a Pro!

Originally, when I started playing Conan, I just used the keyboard to maneuver my combos. But as my character progressed, the combo's became more and more complex and to be honest, my reaction time isn't what it use to be.

So, I decided to hook up my old Nostromo N52 and give it a try. It worked pretty good. I was able to set up macros that would let me execute killer combos right when I needed them. But again, as I progressed, I started to accumulate a bunch of different combos and I was running out of buttons.

A friend of mine suggested the Saitek Cyborg Command Unit. Instead of a D-pad, like the Nostromo, it has a programmable hat switch which makes in game movement much easier. The hat switch is on a moveable rod so you can adjust it for comfort. The device has a lower profile than the N52, which makes it easier on the wrist.

The programming software isn't as simple as the Nostromo N52, which is very intuitive. The Command Unit has an online manual, which after a couple of minutes of reading and in my case, rereading, it became very easy to program. After a bit of trial and error, it produced satisfying in game results. In my opinion, the only draw back is the learning curve, but once you get into programming the device, it's very efficient. There are lots of options, but not too many.

Currently Belkin has a newer version of the Nostromo on the market, but at $70.00, its a bit over priced for what it can do. Especially since the Saitek costs $30.00 less and has more buttons with more flexibility in programming. I would recommend the Saitek to anyone playing AoC or any MMO for that matter. It's a worthy purchase for any gamer.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blogging is hard work!

Changing from one site to another has not been an easy one.

Blogspot is a pain in the arse. But, only because they lack any good templates or rather they don't have anything I like. I hope to get that resolved at some later date, but what I have managed to put together isn't making me to unhappy so I should be ok for a while.

It will take me a couple of more hours to get everything the way I want and to get my blogs in order for posting. Just bare with me, moving is always a painful process and I am hoping it won't be much longer. Besides, I've pretty much spent most of the morning at work doing this much. lol

Anyway, thanks for hanging with me on this.