Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Art of Idiocy!

I hate idiocy. It drives me just plain nuts and Funcom, currently, is on top of that list.

First, they release a game that's fun and interesting, but seriously broken. I mean, a demonologist that can't keep his or her summoned minion while zoning into a hostile environment is, well, just first class idiocy. I mean, come on, lets get a few of the more obvious bugs fixed first, at least the ones that will make playing certain classes more fun and less of a hassle.

I just don't see this game going the distance. To begin with, the banker, who also happens to be the auctioneer person, was broken several hours after the game was released and was down for about a week, not a good sign of things to come. Because the game is mostly PvP, they have to make sure the classes, to some degree, are balanced. So we have been seeing small increases in damage output, but also a good bit of damage decrease as well. At this point, I will say that Warhammer's approach, which is "We aren't going to spend a lot of time balancing classes." is starting to look pretty good to me right now. But I digress.

So, here is the skinny. I've decided to quit you Funcom. Not just because everytime I log in there is a new patch, not because you patch things that not only don't interest me, but you still haven't given time to class breaking bugs. I'm not leaving because the lag is an on again off again problem or that the PvP is a useless endeavor.

I'm leaving because you can't freakin bill me correctly. I get a notice that you've decided to aquire your monthly fee early. No problem. Then the charge disappears. Ok, now I have to erase that entry out of my book. Then I see two weeks later, you've decided to take the money again. So, I make the notation, but find out that you've decided to double dip, but not for the full amount, but for an extra 48 cents. What, you say? Yes, apparently, they took the $14.95 fee out for the montly sub, and then dipped again and took out 48cents. This to me is just irresponsible. I mean, I can understand a little problem with bugs and lag, but to screw up a subscriptions billing and to take more than necessary, is just plain bad. In the 10 yrs I've been playing MMO's I've never had a billing issue, not ever.

So, I quit you Funcom. Maybe in the future when you get your bugs fixed and get a better understanding of how to run your game, I'll be back. But with a gamer card next time.


  1. I've not quit, as I intend to see it through to 80 if I'm able. But I have found myself playing other games more often, and even subbing to WoW to play with a friend who moved away.

    Conan... is just frustrating in that it's so good and so bugged/incomplete at the same time. In 6 months it very well could be fantastic, but in 6 months I very well could be in WAR or Champions Online or any other game and not caring about Hyboria.

    I'm rooting for them though, I truly am.

  2. Exactly!

    It's very beautiful and what they wanted to do with the attack scheme is very evolutionary, rather, its the next logical step, but not leaps forward by any means.

    But, its soo buggy!

    If they had just waited longer to release the game, had a longer open beta so people could give them better feed back, the I say they would have had a much smoother game upon release.

    I don't think the game is as smooth as some suggested. Just because they kept servers up doesn't make it a successful launch.