Friday, July 25, 2008

The insanity

Do you think all the people who pontificate the greatness of WAR and in the same breath denounce WoW as the devil are getting kick back money from Mythic?

Yeah, thats just insane right?


  1. The voices in my head tell me your not crazy ;)

  2. I know that I say crazy things. But... it's hard not to believe there is something strange about the fierceness of the MMO community over how much better WAR will be over WoW. Considering the only information they have gotten is from MyTHIC.

    Then there is the opposite reaction. The people that feel they have been duped by Mythic, because of the whole cutting of 4 cities and 4 classes thing. Come on people, they game hasn't come out yet, how can you be upset? If you never had it how can you ever miss it?

    HYPE is the cause of this problem. People get caught up in the whole media machine, that is put into motion by whom? the developers who are counting on your money to make their games fly off the shelf.

    It boggles the mind thinking about it all.

  3. There are a few things that come from WAR that will be better then in WoW. But at the same time WoW will be better in different aspects as well.

    Everyone in the MMO community thinks whatever their idea of what a good game is should be everyone else' as well.

    Plus it's automatic for people to bash the 10,000 pound gorilla that is WoW.

    Hell I do it, and I have 3 level 70s.

  4. I don't have a problem with people bashing WoW, its just the way they do it.

    Oh WoW is too Easy. (Who cares, why is that a bad thing)

    WoW has a crappy PVP aspect. (if it was so crappy why do a majority of the people playing participate.)

    WoW depends a lot on End Game Raiding (so, if you don't like raiding then PvP or get your factions up. If those don't appeal to you, then you must not understand your playing an MMO.)

    Its the silly complaints that really bother me mostly because they are from burn out. WoW isn't going to change that much when WOTLK comes out, there will be some cool additions, but they aren't going to stray to far from a formula that seems to work for them.

    EQ2 puts out tons of expansions and adventure packs, but the game play for the most part stays the same, they just add new lands, races, items, quests, etc, but its still the same kind of grind for all of that, so why don't they pick on SoE.

    Well, because its not the 9 Million lb gorilla and that is sad.

  5. ok at the risk of making some enemies, me no likey EQ2! (Haven't even tried it so don't take it personally) lol Also, the only real complaint I have about wow is how they implemented end game raiding pre-BC, it was too hard to get into unless you sold your soul to a hard core guild. At this point I am just burnt out on wow so yeah you called me on that and prolly lots of others.