Friday, July 18, 2008

Rant of the Day!

So, last night a guild member asked if anyone would be interested in helping him retrieve the first fragment of the Karazhan Key quest in Shadow Labyrinth. I said sure, I don't mind helping, as a matter of fact another guild member, whom I've grouped with on several occasions said he wouldn't mind finishing that quest as well. Which was a bonus since he plays a healer.

So, we get a group together and the three of us guildies start the trek thru SL. Well, the person that asked for help is playing a hunter. Now, I've seen people play very effective and effiecent hunters. I mean the things they can do with traps and pets can amaze anyone. Well, this poor fellow ain't one of them. First thing I notice, since I'm the tank, is that he keeps pulling agro. Which is pretty easy since he doesn't have Omen installed. I had to throw out a few non agressive statements like, "Everyone, Let me get Agro before you start on the mobs." I figured this would work. Well, it did for everyone but the hunter.

The party had problems. The mage would sheep to late or the hunter wouldn't get another trap down in time. Then there was the problem again of letting the tank do his job, which, after a while I told the healer to just let the stupid ones die, he just laughed. lol Lucky for me, the healer was awesome, props go to my homie Wtfrostshock on the Darkspear server, an excellent Shammy healer. The rogue, who was a PuG, was also very good. Sorry, I don't remember his name, but thats pretty good, cause if your screwing up, I'll burn that name into my brain, just to make sure I don't group with you again. His dps was great and he managed to sap when asked.

Now the rant.

Halfway thru the instance, I get information that another guild member needs to finish the key quest, so I decide that since I've already gotten my key fragment, I will let him take my place after we kill Murmur, the end boss. I asked if that was ok with that idea and everyone said, "no problem". I also repeatedly reminded everyone during the run, because sometimes, you have to reinforce certain things by repeating them over and over till people get it thru their thick skulls. Again, no one had an issue.

So, we get to Murmur. I say, "remember, I'm going to leave and get in a guild mate for the key fragment part after we kill Murmur, so everyone, remember, after he dies, we stay away from the vase." Everyone seems ok with this and we proceed to do the boss. This takes two tries, but we manage to get it done. Loot is being handled and everything is fine, till I see the hunter scream for help. Well, the hunter, our own guild member, has opened up the vase, there by releasing the mob yo have to kill for the key quest. I'm just shocked. I could believe this behavior maybe from the rogue or the mage, since we had to PuG them, but to see a fellow guild member boning us? WTF?

So I asked after the fight, what was he doing, did he not understand what we had planned?. No response, nothing. He actually had the nerve to thank us in guild chat later. I like to play nice with the guild, so I didn't say anything is chat, but I was total pissed. I will never waste my time with that hun-tard, Jklancer is his name. Yea, I'm gonna call him out. lol

I don't have any way of chastising him, no power in the guild. The only thing I can do is rant about it here and swear never to group with him again. I most certainly will not be doing any raids with him and will do what I can to inform people of his lack of team work. What a tard. People like that give hunters and guilds bad names. I just hope he doesn't screw anyone else up.

Sorry, I'm done now.

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