Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Experience.

Blogger's have been blasting the Internet with their opinions about WAR. They've been more than kind to let the community know that WAR is either the Jesus game or just isn't fun at all. How can this be? The completed game isn't even out yet, but still people are giving it the thumbs up or in some cases the thumbs down. How can people be so certain about a game when all they have had, at best, is just a taste of the final product?

If you don't experience every aspect of a game, do you still have enough information to review the game? Is the beta a true representation of what the game will be like at launch? Are blogger's doing a disservice by offering their opinions about a game, a game mind you, that is still in the final stages of being polished for consumer consumption?

I just thought I would ask.


  1. That picture is pure win btw. I've had it saved on my flash drive ever since I first saw it on Fark long ago.

    And to your point, there's no way people can have played enough of War to have a legitimate opinion by now. Heck I played an extra 20 levels after I had already started to dislike Age of Conan just so I could be fair with it before I started to give it the thumbs down.

    Despite disagreeing with him, I respect my namesake over at virgin worlds for wanting to give War a second look to be sure if he didn't overreact or if he'll reinforce his initial opinion.

    I think all the "love it" and "hate it" reviews should be disregarded until after the game has been out a while and the population starts to get past the 1st tier of content at least.

  2. Any comments at this point definitely need to be taken with a handful of salt. So much could still change, and so much could feel different over time.

    There is still something to be said for first blush reactions. There tends to be a fair grain of truth to them, at least for the individual. I bought WoW wanting to hate it, but realize in the first 10 minutes I'd be there a good long time. AoC on the other hand felt conceptually threadbare in beta, but I gave it a chance only to reach the same conclusion at the end of the month.

  3. I didn't like WoW the first time I tried it, which was during the open beta phase. A lot of that was due to my friend kind of boning me while I was struggling with bad lag issues.

    But I never trashed the game or told others they were crazy for trying it. I didn't have fun, but that didn't mean others wouldn't.

    Later, a year later, I decided to give it another try and I really enjoyed it. I've been playing it for about 3 years now, and the experience at times, is still fantastic.

    But everyone should give anything they try a good chance before making a final decision. Hell, I hated broccoli when I was a kid, but recently discovered that I really do like it now. lol