Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Suck!

I can't get any sleep because of my $@#$R shoulder is keeping me up at night. Now that problem has caused me to have serious fatigue, whicn in turn is making my tinnitus worse than normal. I've had tinnitus for several years now, but when your really tired it sounds like you've got a box of crickets living inside your ears. To date, I've not had a good nights rest in over three months now and the tinnitus has been bothering me for a week, so looks like a trip to the E.N.T (ears, nose and throat doctor). Not sure what he will do for me, maybe prescribe something to help me sleep or just clean out my ears. With my bad luck, he'll probably just say your stuck with it. That would really suck!

That being being my sad lot in life currently, I don't have anything exciting to report this weekend. I managed two more levels on one of my WoW alts. Whooopie! My hunter is now 45. I did discover that hunters in WoW are way over powered. I was able to kill a level 47 warlock without even getting a scratch. What a sad state that is.

On my way to keeping myself busy this weekend, I managed a little Xbox 360 action. I'm really digging Geometry Wars 2. If you have an Xbox 360 you should have this game already downloaded and installed. If you don't your a communist and need to head back to Russia. I continued with my Xbox fun by trying a bit of Crackdown, which is another Xbox game I suck at, so I won't say its awesome, but it is fun. I've got a date with some CoW members sometime to play some Madden 09. I manage to do ok at sports games, but from what I'm seeing, these guys know how to play, so I'm probably going to be losing a lot.

Now for a little self promotion. If you have Twitter, you can now add me to your list of friends. You can also check out my city. The more visitors I get the bigger it becomes, so tell your friends and visit often. lol

This is all I've managed to do while I wait and wait for Warhammer to be released. Damn, this almost like waiting for xmas day when your a kid only it lasts too freaking long.

I did manage to get mentioned on Channel Massive's latest podcast during their Blog- a-steria section. Apparently, I'm the sanest blogger out there. lol But I won't let it go to my head. The section is towards the end of the podcast if your interested.

I did manage to edit this blog twice after it was originally posted, which seems to be a common occurance for me. So people that happen upon this after it hits their reader will notice that I've changed a few things, and my spelling may or may not be better only because I suck at the english language too. lol

Oh, one other thing I have discovered in the past few months. I like Sushi. Not the type that's in a roll but just the raw fish or as it's called Sashimi's good. I just have to convince my wife to try it now.

Hope to have something better next week.

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