Monday, December 1, 2008

The Fate of WAR

As stated in my previous post, the wanderlust of Warhammer online has pretty much faded, as it has with many others. This normally coincides, with most MMOs, when the 30 day trial subscription expires.

Warhammer online suffers from many things. Some of them could have been fixed, like limiting the number of races, making area's much smaller so more interaction could be forced between sides or having larger population caps and less servers. The issues many are that the game is lacking in PvE and because of this, they are starting to lack in population. This wouldn't be a problem if the game had large amounts of PvE content to keep those that are still playing interested, but since a majority of the game content is driving off the RvR side and populations becoming smaller, the game will suffer more I fear.

I have often heard people say that they plan to keep Warhammer to slake their PvP urges and World of Warcraft to satisfy their PvE needs. But the concept of WAR only works when people are actually logged in playing, unlike WoW, which doesn't have any content that is driven by gamer attendance. If only Mythic had spent more time developing its PvE side instead of forging ahead with all their RvR concepts, the game wouldn't be suffering such bad losses.

Even now Mythic is urging people to move characters to more populated servers so they can keep the RvR balance in check. They have yet to mention server closings, but that is only a matter of time. With Tabula Rasa already closing it's doors and Age of Conan not fairing much better, I wonder how long before Mythic will have to either release some awesome PvE content or finding another way to entice players back.

I enjoyed WAR when I was able to play, but now I just can't seem to muster up the energy to log in and play a scenario, especially when ques are longer than waiting at Cracker Barrel on Thanksgiving day. (by the way, that wait is approx. 1 hr 15 minutes) I have limited amounts of time as it is, I don't want to spend it waiting to get into a scenario or trying to find enough people to do a PQ.

Honestly, I hope Mythic can pull their game up and make a grand go of it, but I'm starting to think putting all your eggs in one RvR basket just isn't the smart thing to do.


  1. One of the reasons I hesitated to get interested in WAR's development was that I just don't believe PvP-centric MMO's have longevity. PvE does. It's always been that way; probably always will.

    I enjoy various types of PvP, be they shooters, racing (which I suck at) games, card games, whatever. But not in the current generation of MMORPG's -- the clunky Diku-mechanics we have to operate under just kills the PvP for me. To those who enjoy it and take the time to understand and get skilled at it, more power to them. But I can't say that bunnyhopping elves do much for my imagination or tastes.

    I also get bored of MMO PvP incredibly fast. Not sure if I can explain why before my morning coffee, but one analogy would be the old Serious Sam shooters where waves and waves (and waves and waves) of mobs came at you. Sam had the guns to deal with that where a solo MMORPG character doesn't -- but if he did, that would pretty much be how PvP plays out. One huge repetitive clusterfuck.

  2. Well said Oak, much like I posted when I left, it just felt dead. As for the bad WoW PVP, sure it is not up to the WORLD TYPE PVP that WAR has, but at least it can scratch that itch. Just ignore arenas and you are fine

  3. I like the way Mythic did the open world PvP, restricting it to a certain level range and penalizing those that exceeded those ranges by turning them in to a helpless chicken.

    I think having a high level character hanging out in a lower level zone just to gank helpless players, which is the motto of WoW, to the point that they just have to log off or go to another game is just juvenile.

    I've been guilty of it as well, when having a bad day, but that doesn't make my actions correct. And now that I'm playing on a hassle free PvE server, it becomes clear to me every time I don't have to watch over my shoulder.

    WAR did a great job, the issue was, what else is there to do. The PvE was just bland and lifeless. Nothing that brought the game to life and made it worth while to adventure in.

    I think the way the game lead you around by the nose didn't help much either. If you need to know where the wolves are that you have to kill, look for the red blood stain on your in game map. I use quest helper in WoW, but only because I've leveled about 10 alts and want to do it the most efficient way. If I'm starting a new game, part of the fun is exploration and site seeing. You can't do that if your busy looking at your in game map running towards a red splotch.