Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Dead Rock!

I only have only have time for one quick post, since its late and my brain is fried from the last one I worked on.

LEFT 4 DEAD rocks, nuff said.

I'm not a fan of first person shooters on consoles, but this game just keeps me coming back for shear zombie killing madness. Co-op is by far the best I have seen in any game, console or otherwise. Not much to the game in general, you play as one of four survivors that have to make their way through zombie infested areas, killing and sneaking by both normal and specialty zombies. Doing everything they can to block your path on the way to rescue.

Most maps or scenarios are sectioned off, so you only have to make short runs to safe rooms where health, ammo and gun upgrades can be found. There are several different ways to protect your comrades as you make your way along the route, but beware that some specialty zombies will call upon the masses to try and rout you, forcing everyone to fight off hordes of zombies. At times you can't even move due to the shear volume of undead trying to eat their way through you and your fellow survivors.

The game has several different difficulty settings, that restrict the number of healing packs, pills and ammo sites along the way, making each shot count and making the survivors do everything in their power to see everyone out safely.

So, please purchase this game. Why? Because if you want to even have a taste of the game you'll have to because Valve decided to remove all the demos from both their Steam service and console downloads.

But seriously, the game is freaking great. It will scare the crap out of you. Sure, its a FPS and there is a lot of senseless blood, gore, and violence. But the game also offers a strategy element as well because every game is different due to the awesome new innovative director A.I. The Director places enemies and items in varying positions and quantities based upon each player's current situation, status, skill and location, creating a new experience for each play through.

I can't recommend this game enough...and I hate FPS, especially now that they make me motion sick. But with Left 4 Dead, I'm so caught up in the action that I don't even thing about getting dizzy. lol

So, if your looking for some zombie killing fun and want to hook up, look for me on Xbox live at gamertag, OAKSTOUT.

Oh as a side note to MMO players out there looking to get into a guild, I have some advise.

If the guild you want to join has a website, and on that website, the leadership lists what the objectives, goals and guild mission statements are, then please read them thoroughly, understand them, ask questions about their ideas and concepts. If you don't understand or they seem confusing then talk to people, find out what the guild is really like. And whatever you do, don't sign up if those ideas don't coincide with your philosophy of play. It hurts guilds when people join without fully understand what they are signing up for, especially if they leave later saying that the guild isn't going in a direction they feel works with their style of play. This is all great, you don't have to stay if your not happy, but sometimes when this unfortunate event happens, disillusioned players exiting the guild will decide they need to poach other members on their way out and that's just not cool.

Sure, you can't expect the guild to stay honest to their mission statement or objectives, because they will change as the guild grows, meets and exceeds their expectations of goals, but don't expect that to happen only after a few months Honestly, it might take years before a guild changes how it does things.

So my advise, read, believe and comprehend before you sign up. And if you aren't happy, go, but don't feel you have to gut the guild for your own personal vendetta. That sends everyone a bad message.

These are just some helpful tips from your local Angry Dwarf. Now get out there and kill some zombies.


  1. I intend on killing zombies... but on PC. >:)

    As for the guild thing... yeah, you know my thoughts there.

  2. My XBL Tag is spybreak4u

    I'll add you later when I get home and get some games in later tonight or this week.

  3. Sounds great Herc. I'm suppose to play some Little Big Planet tonight with a friend, but I might sneak in a little L4D at the tail end of the I love that game.

    I got a few regulars I've been hanging with off and on. I'm trying to find a group of 8 total so we can play versus, which I've only tried once and for a brief period. In Versus, you get a team of 4 survivors and 4 specialty zombies. Playing the zombies with their special attacks and ability to climb walls and find great hiding places is pretty sweet. Nothing like vomiting on your friends and watching the hordes of zombies tear them apart. lol

  4. Little Big Planet?!?!? Traitor!

    *sends a virus bomb to destroy the PS3*


  5. Funny thing. I suspected when I bought the PS3 I would spend tons of time on it playing games with friends and watching Blu Rays. The truth is, I've spent more time on the Xbox since buying the

    I guess it was a great expensive motivator to get me to spend more time with Microsoft. lol

  6. I also got a ps3. I only played MGS4 and Uncharted on it. I'm not going to buy into Killzones hype. Going to wait see what the majority says.

    Been using it alot though to play my BLuray movies. I also am using Java PS3 Media server. It's pretty cool cause I get to play my HD torrent movies onto my TV.

    Also I added you to my friends list but the server didn't found you. I guess I mispelled something.

  7. I use the same gamer tag for the PS3 as well, so feel free to add me. The only other games I have for it are Hot shots Out of bounds, LBP and one other game, that semi decent Assassin Creed game, which I have yet to play. Hot shots is a very fun golf game and I say that because I'm not a huge fan of golf games but I will spend several hours playing this one without even thinking about it.

    LBP is fun, but the control isn't tight like you would want for a platformer, but if you spend a decent amount of time playing it, you'll get the hang of it.

    I tend to think game reviews are very subjective, one man's trash is another man's treasure, which is why I listen to a lot of podcasts, read a lot of online and print material, and do a fair amount of research before purchasing a game that will dent my wallet.

  8. For PS3 I've only played

    Metal Gear Solid 4(no trophies ftl) solid game.

    Uncharted - nice mix of tomb raider and Gears of war. The story is decent.

    and Resistance - which for the first time in my gaming history I was getting dizzy. Haven't played this one in weeks.

    I have yet to play multiplayer mode/games in my PS3. All my shooters are on 360.

    Regarding Game reviews. I do a decent job convincing myself not to buy a game just because I feel it by browsing reviews and feeback of the community.

    Sometimes though I lose discipline to game sequels where I just buy it and end up kicking myself in the ass. For the most part though most sequels that I bought are solid buys.

  9. Same here. I picked up GoW for 20.00 used and played it with Taylin (A.K.A) Scott at

    I had such a great time with it that during the Xmas season I picked up GoW2, but it's still wrapped up lol. L4D was an impulse buy for sure, and I'm not regretting it one bit, course, that isn't always the case. I bought Castle Crashers and Bionic commando, and haven't gotten past the first level in either one.

    But, I'm guilty of silly impulse buying for sure, but normally, it's only when I have crazy amounts of gift money or work per diem. lol

  10. Speaking of GoW... *cough* when you're not killin' zombies... *cough*