Friday, January 23, 2009

The First Leg of the Journey.

Well, here is a quick update.

I'm back from Charlotte, NC, which for me is just a quick t. The event, which we have provide equipment for 5 or more years now, went extremely well, or at least it did on our part. If I haven't mentioned it before I work for an Audio Visual rental and staging company. The rental half, a part of the company I spent around 12 years of my life in, does the simple things like provide flip charts, small screens with video projectors and 100 to 200 person sound reinforcement for use in small venues like corporate boardrooms or the local Holiday Inn. The staging part, which I've been a part of for 4, almost 5 years, is much bigger in scope and size. We provide corporate rock and roll shows without the band, as a co worker once explained.

We do all the high end video projections, usually 20,000 lumen projectors, with rock concert sound, lights that could, at times, but a Trans Siberian show to shame for much larger corporate crowds. When someone wants to let the entire company know when the next big product is going to get released or if they plan to lay off tons of people, then regretfully on that last part, they call us to help them tell everyone. These shows can take 3 days to set up and only hours to do, like the one we just finished in Charlotte, NC or they can take only a day to set up, but last an entire week, which the one in Arizona I'm about to head out to do.

The bummer of it all, besides not being a huge fan of planes, I've recently discovered, is the fact that I found out this afternoon I have the dreaded Pink Eye, which I absolutely hate. Lucky for me, I know when I have it and got some eye drops, but still it will take a few days for the crap in my eyes disappear.

I'll be in the land of the Cardinals, the team that beat my beloved Panthers thanks to our "need to be traded" quarterback, Jake Delhomme, for about a week, so don't expect any posts again unless I can get some free Internet at the hotel, which considering the hotel, I doubt it. lol Anyway, happy gaming, I'll post if I can, if not, expect something next weekend if I'm not still jet lagged. After Arizona, I'll be back for 4 days then I'm off to Los Angles, which will be my first trip to the west coast. The boss man has added a few extra days on to the trip so we can hang out at Disney Land for a day, which should be nice.

Crazy thing is, the economy has been in the crapper for about a year, but in the last year, we have been doing more shows out of town and away from the south east than in the history of my stay with the company, which, happy to say, has been 17 strange and wonderful years. Until last February, I'd not been on a plane since I was 12 lol, now I've been on a plane twice and tomorrow will be the start of a month full of plane trips. lol

Anyway, see you loyal readers in a week.

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