Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Blame Game. A new MMO!

Mythic recently laid off some workers. The reasons for this are pretty simple, they hired extra people to anticipate an influx of paid subscribers and now that there doesn't seem to be quite as many as expected, they had to let these people go.

Some people in the blogging community have expressed that this might be the fault of Mythic for not following through on their promise to create a WoW killer in the first place. Basically, because Mark and his crew didn't do everything in their powers to capture a larger segment of the MMO community, they have not only failed the community, but now they have failed those they employed to assist during this influx of subscribers.

When you sign up to work for an MMO it's pretty much a given that things can change in an instant. If the Sigil fiasco didn't teach us anything, it should have taught us how volatile the industry is when it comes to employing people. If your still a subscriber of Warhammer, then you should be a bit upset, because it was your money that helped pay the salaries of those people, but if you had left the game and stopped subscribing, then there is no sense getting upset, because you basically threw in the towel on those people and consigned them to their fate.

The issue I have is people shouldn't be blaming Mark and his people, EA or Mythic for firing these people. They crafted a game that is enjoyable by many. If people are becoming disinterested then, is it really Mythic's fault? I mean, it has better numbers than most MMO's, so people must find it interesting and fun. If they hadn't hired all those people and then the game exploded in the WoW killer everyone thought it would be, then people would be blaming Mythic for not having enough customer support people. They thought they had it in the bag, so they hired people. The community didn't respond as expected so now, people have to lose their jobs and in this current economy, which, isn't EA or Mythic's fault either, layoffs are expected.

When people take a job for an MMO game then they have to expect when membership starts to wain, then so might their job.

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