Monday, February 2, 2009

How high do you fly your Geek flag?

Do you have a favorite Gaming shirt? Maybe a World of Warcraft bumper sticker, Star War's hat or Everquest 2 key chain? Do you wear or display it proudly? Is it something you make sure to put on when your headed to the mall or out to eat with friends in the hope of finding other geeks that share your passion? Maybe to find them so you can show loyalty to that particular part of geek culture, to also converse with like minded individuals and trade stories so you won't feel so alone in the world?

I mean for what other purpose would you buy a "Horde" t-shirt? What is the reason behind getting a shirt that says "Green Linen Shirt: Armor class 3: Requires level 5" if your not trying to a) become a beacon for all other geeks to gather around or b) to fly your geek flag higher than others?

Do you even have a geek flag to fly? Is that something only Hardcore geeks do? Are casual geeks less likely to make it known they are geeks by not wearing geek centric items or placing geeky bumper stickers on their cars? Do other geeks scare or frighten you because they fly their flag so high?

Just wondering!


  1. I only raise mine if I detect a geek of like-mindedness using my scrying gloves +2 :P

  2. after a failed business venture, I wound up without about twenty shirts that read, "WWMCD?: What would Master Chief do?". It was just cheaper to wear 'em than off and buy a bunch of new shirts. So yes, my flag tends to fly fairly high.

  3. I crave at times, to fly mine pretty high, problem is, I've found other geeks in my area to be pretty hardcore, like the time I started chatting with some fellow WoW players only to ask myself later, do I sound like that to other people? lol

    However, currently, I don't have any geek wear, but I'm looking.

  4. Probably the only thing I have right now is a t-shirt one of my former EQ2 guildmates made for one of our real life get togethers. Our guild name was Shattered Moon Alliance. He grabbed our guild heraldry graphic and had the custom shirts made.

    Six of us wore the shirts around the whole weekend. We went to a restaurant and got some dirty looks from this old couple a few tables away. The guy called over a waitress and asked her, "What the hell is the Shattered Moon Alliance?" She whispered, "I don't know and I don't know if I really want to ask." LMAO. We just let them wonder.

  5. I think my geek flag must fly high enough without a shirt, because the only such shirts I own were GIFTS from family members.

  6. Now that could be a problem. lol

    Back in the day, when I was into FP shooters, I would go to organized lan parties with friends and compete. We called our Group, "Clan Supine". I got a artistic person at work to design a shirt logo and our slogan was "We win more tourneys at 3am than most people do all day", because we actually one a tournament by default because everyon else decided to head to bed at 3am lol.

    I wore it maybe once or twice after that weekend...mainly because I can't fit into it anymore. lol But it is pretty much my only geek ware besides my Linux Red Hat baseball cap, which I got as a door prize at a lan party lol. Not sure where it is, but I did wear it, even if I never had a copy of linux on a machine. lol