Monday, February 9, 2009

The Seventh Veil

Well, I'm back. California was fun. Got a chance to see Disneyland, which was fun because it ended up being the only sunny day we had in California. We also did a lap or two around Hollywood and Vine as well as stopping off on Sunset strip to visit some "Girls, Girls, Girls" at the Seventh Veil, which wasn't my idea at all, it was a co workers. I wanted to go to a completely different strip club. lol

I'll post a link to some pics as soon as I remember my flicker account password. I'll just say this about L.A, it's a fun place to visit, as long as it's not raining like mad and only if your there for a few days. It's not the promise land as some in Hollywood would lead you to believe. I found it overcrowded and not very pretty to look at, not to mention the bad air because of all the smog. But at least I can say, I've been to L.A. I wanted to also add that it's the best place on the planet to be an alcoholic since they have liquor stores on every street corner and I'm not making that up.

Now, in gaming news, I received my white, Xbox 360 coffin while I was gone and managed to get it shipped back out this afternoon. The guy at the UPS store knew what I had the minute I walked in. He also mentioned that most of them had been sent off for RROD issues, which made me feel unique in a strange way since mine is going in to get the disc drive fixed. Still, Microsoft has a serious quality issues if a lot of boxes are getting sent in to be fixed. I've not heard one issue with the PS3 or Wii in regards to quality issues and having them sent in for repair. Still, I love my Xbox so I had to get it fixed.

I also managed some more time on the DS while out of town. I do love Final Fantasy 3. I got about 20 hours invested in that game currently and I'm still not scratching the surface of that game. The only problem I've seen so far is that if you miss a clue as to what to do next, your pretty screwed. I had to look at a walk through online this morning, so I'm back on track. In the old days, I'd use the Internet a lot to look up cheats and walk through's, but now, I'm really enjoying feeling of figuring it out on my own. Course, I did have to get over that one hump. lol

That is about it for now. I'll have to do some blog reading to catch up on all the gaming news since I've been away, and once that's done, I'll probably have something interesting to say about that.

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  1. I have a friend whose XBox hard drive corrupted, and I don't know of any Wii or PS3 problems, either.

    Nintendo isn't perfect though, I'm on my second DS. Those things break in a million different ways. And it costs almost as much to repair as to buy a new one.