Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Elitist

How much grander would the world of MMO's be without the Elitist?

Lets take a second to envision such a world, shall we.

There wouldn't be anyone pointing out how much you suck as a player because your DPS is under 1700, your using the least efficient spell to heal with or how much they've sacrificed so you could exist inside the guild. There would not be the constant reminder how useless a player you are because you haven't raided every instance of every expansion within weeks of release. To point out your so under geared, you probably couldn't even wipe your own ass without lossing half your health and mana, let alone participate in a boss fight.

It would be ok for players to make mistakes in a instance without getting lambasted with rude remarks or insults. PuGs might actually be a fun way to learn an instance rather than a nightmare that may scar you for life. The play atmosphere might be a little less militant or stressful and people might start to have fun and experience the sand in the sandbox experience.

What a wonderful world that would be.


  1. Sorry to hear you've had such awful experiences with people being rude. I PuG'd Saturday night in WoW and it was one of the best groups I'd ever played with. I've had pretty good experiences with PuG's all around. It probably helps that I have one friend who joins me for every dungeon I run, that way I always know I can count on at least one DPS to pull his weight.

    I think since last summer we've run almost every 5-man dungeon in Outlands and Northrend, and I can only think of one time when our PuG was ruined by one of the members' rotten attitudes. He was tanking and expected perfection on every pull. We wiped because of a few little mistakes (I think we pulled 2 mobs on accident) so the guy decided to just quit on us. I had handed him group leadership (I normally give tanks leadership so they can manage pulls and marks), but this time it ruined us, because he dropped us all from the group and we lost all the progress we'd made. The other group members didn't realize what was going on and accused me of disbanding the group!

    Anyways, we found another tank and the night turned out well, we just had to do the first half of the dungeon twice.

    In regards to Elitists, they are usually doing the Heroic dungeons and Raids, neither of which I have gotten to quite yet, so I don't really see that side of it all. I know my guild is extremely elite, I only got in because they were my coworkers, but they're one of the servers' top guilds.

    My best guild experience happened when I was in a leveling guild, though, it seemed much more fun when people were constantly cheering in guild chat for achievements and we had a full range of levels for our players, and people were always asking for and giving advice and assistance to each other.

  2. The post is in reference to a few recent observations and not necessarily anything that has happened to me recently.

    Hud recently spoke about running into an Elitist Healer who thought they were gods gift to healing. Also on a recent episode of Shut Up We're Talking,there was a discussion about how elitist players tend to complain when people in PuGs are under geared and not pulling their own in Heroics or High end dungeons, but to me, a Pick up Group is just that, who ever you can pick up to help you through the instance at the time you want to do it.

    Sometimes people in PUGS gel well, like in your case and Sometimes they tend to attract know it alls or Elitists who want to tell others how to play their characters or ridicule them during the entire run. Worst is when they want to pull because they know better how its done, except they aren't the tank, but I'm getting distracted.

    I, however, am having a great time playing. I've dropped the whole guild, raiding, heroic running, have to get to end game to achieve greatness scenario. I'm playing with a close group of friends once a week. Not stressing over my DPS or gear. I don't worry if my rotation is the best output possible. To be honest, I'm playing a game, I'm relaxing and it's great.

    Sure, I want to do well, and I'm probably going to start working on getting my gear and work on my spell rotation, but only because I want to, not because it will help others, but because its a fun thing to do. And because my friends keep our fun light and helpful, I don't stress about how their toons are coming along. Sure, I help them, but if they want to goof off, that's fine as well. If we aren't all on the same quests, we work to make that possible, no fussing about whos not advancing or doing their best. Its all about having fun and fun is what I'm having.

    I'm in an elite club, where no elitists are invited.

  3. LOVED It oak.. no matter where you go it seems there are always those in the game that know it better than you and will let you know about how awesome they are and how much everyone else sucks .. last I checked it was a game which are meant to be fun arent they lol.. good blog buddy


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