Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Fight Club

Today I ventured out to Best Buy and picked up Street Fighter 4. First thing I discovered upon finishing my first online match, I suck and there probably isn't any hope of that improving anytime soon. I mean, it's like a bad movie only in slow motion.

Before I get into the game play and how poor I am at it, let me take this opportunity to say just how awesome looking the game truly is. I mean the graphics and sound are superb to any fighting game I have seen in a long time. The design and shading of each character makes them stand out against any back ground. The action is top notch and the little video cut scenes don't distract from the game at all. Now, on to the game play.

First let me say that I'm not a sadist. Meaning, that I didn't just put the game in the machine and fire up the online play to see how quick I could get may ass kicked. Truth be told, I started off slowly and worked with the ingame training mode to see how the game worked or more to the point how to do some really cool combos and special attacks. Well, apparently, I couldn't figure it out, because I was unable to perform any special attacks and I tried with several different characters. But I didn't become to disheartened, I figured why not just practice in the arcade mode and see where that leads me. Course, I would have known this was a mistake if I had bothered to read the instructions. lol

Well, the arcade mode, as chance would have it, not only lets you play gainst the computer, but it also makes you available for online play. Just as I was getting into the mode, someone joined my game, preceded to kick my ass and then left me, lying on the floor asking myself, what just happened. lol I actually did better the second match, but not by much.

Practice is something I must make sure I do before trying online play again, lots and lots of practice. Maybe I should set aside an entire year for that?

Now, I could blame the problem on my controller. Apparently, the stock xbox 360 controller has a very bad d-pad which makes playing fighting games hard. But, I can't stoop that low, but that's not going to stop me from getting another controller if it will help. Course, the one I want is sold out everywhere so I'll have to wait till they are back in stock at Best Buy online. I'm actually not horrible at fighting games, but it does take me a lot of practice to get acclimated to a new game and I've never played a Street Fighter game before. Actually, truth be told, if it wasn't for Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast, I never would have gotten into console gaming in the first place.

I just hope my skillz improve, so I can at least win a few online matches, otherwise, I'll have to take the game to gamestop for some instore credit. lol If anyone out there has any suggestions or sites that might suggest some techniques, please let me know.

Either way, Street Fighter 4 is a very good game, even if I'm currently a novice at it. If your into fighting games or thinking about trying them out for the first time, you wouldn't go wrong with picking up Street Fighter 4.


  1. One great thing that I keep hearing about this game is simple enough that a new player can pick up this game and get rolling after a few hours at the same time it also has so much depth that even the most advance users giggle when they do back to back super duper mega ultra techniques.

  2. I've lost interest in most any game not dealing with fantasy so I can't appreciate this unfortunately.

    Another d-pad I hate is any d-pad made by Nintendo. My hands are an average size, but I still can't get the d-pad to go in the direction I want when I play Virtual Console games. I think they're designed for 5-year-old hands.