Monday, May 4, 2009

The Imbalance

I can't remember if I have done a blog post on the crazy cost of items on the Auction House in WoW, but my Gawd, its horrific. I understand the problem is more prevalent on older servers due to the excessive number of level 80's on that server with disposable income, but man, it's just crazy what a normal green item goes for these days in the AH.

I can understand a nominal price increase, but a 100 or 200 percent increase for items that aren't even blues is crazy. The concept of "Twinking" out a lower level character is not anything new, but the cost for a normal item has grown disproportional to the amount of income the average player makes playing the game. The problem is the creation of the Daily quest that net on average 10 gold per with the ability to do 25 of those quests a day. These are best done with a level 80 character and since most players don't have a level 80 character, it makes aquiring the such disposable income only available to a limited few players. So, who's at fault for this imbalance? Blizzard, of course.

They want to give end game players lots of money so they (Blizzard) can turn right around and drain it from them with crazy game items like epic flying mounts or dual specs. Then there is the cost of prepping and repairing epic gear from raiding, so they have to make it possible for those people that raid three or four times a week to do so, by giving them tons of disposable gold. In the mean time, it causes those that have little to no interest in raiding or doing a daily quest to spend their time finding items for lower level twinks and charging outrageous prices for them to try and drain the coffers of the 10% who have the ready cash.

It's a terrible cycle. Players who are low on the cash totem pole want to get a leg up so they feel compelled to drain money from the rich players on the server and therefore making it impossible for the average or new player to get any decent gear through the auction house. So the new players decide to take mining or herbalism as their trade skills so they can get their piece of the pie as well and it goes on and on. The trick would be for Blizzard to make dailys less profitable or to reduce the number of dailys players can do in a day. That way, the money would start to go down and prices would go back to some semblance of normal. But since Blizzard just increased the number of daily quests a character can do per day, I don't see this problem going away any time soon. But, it is a problem, when you can't outfit a level 40 character with decent gear because the cost is 200 times what it was 4 years ago when the server was new and fresh and without any high level rich players looking to throw away money.

Blizzard, please fix this problem so people can enjoy the game again.


  1. It's fun to find the gear in instances, buying it is never worth the money.

  2. True, instance gear is way better...only one problem. No one is doing old world instances, because leveling is soo much easier, people spend all their time twinking toons out then blasting through content just to get to 80. It was proposed to me by a friend that I should just give up looking for gear in the AH because by the time I hit outlands, I will be replacing all of it and that money I spend will just be wasted.

    But my thing is I want to experience the entire game, not blast through content, which was the subject of a recent post about how Blizzard is killing their own game with easier instances, more xp for quests and the whole R.A.F program, which basically begs people to open up multiple accounts so they can dual box their way through content. Sorry, this is a sore subject for me.

  3. Aye, the way that Blizzard is turning its back on the "old world" has been a sore spot for me now for a while. It's poor design, and a bad long term strategy.

    As for the silly prices, I believe that the gold influx is at least partially meant to combat the gold sellers. If it's easy to get gold from Blizzard, it can put the gold sellers out of business, or so goes the hope. Of course it's just an arms race, and it distorts the economy, and as the economy warps, the gold sellers just catch up, starting a new cycle of increased economic warfare. This is very detrimental to the lower level players... but it seems Blizzard isn't all that interested in them in the first place these days.