Saturday, May 9, 2009

To Boldly Go

I have seen the promise land and it is J.J. Abrams's STAR TREK.

My original fears have all been put to rest, so to recap, I would officially like to say....OMG!

I won't unleash a bunch of spoilers here in the blog o sphere, that would just be mean, besides you should have your butts in the seats of a theater right now instead of sitting in front of a computer reading this poor excuse for a blog. lol

I will say the movie met and transended all of my expectations for a revival of the franchise. It was just that awesome. All the old stuff is there and tons of new and exciting stuff. I'm sure the purists will take issue with it, but screw them. Get over it, the movie is great!

I do plan two things, to see the movie again in the theater and to purchase any special addition Blu-Ray the minute it hits the stores.


  1. I always wanted to be a Star Trek fan, but I've never been good at following a tv series due to my lack of ability to find order in tv program scheduling.

    But I've seen a few Star Trek movies, and you have engaged my interests.

    I am also interested in the Star Trek MMO
    , but I think that's still a few years away.

  2. I'm a fan of most of the Star Trek movies....Wrath of Khan, the One with the Whales and the second Next Gen movie. The others should be burned and never mentioned again.

    But, this movie is better than Khan I believe. It will be something I look forward too on Blu Ray when the time comes. I'm actually going to see it again with Co Workers tonight and probably next week with my wife again. yes, its worth seeing that many times on the big screen. I've never enjoyed a movie more, except maybe Empire Strikes back.

  3. The Onion
    Concerning Star Trek 9...

  4. Now that was great! Thanks for sharing. I Love the ONION.

  5. Aye, it's probably the most enjoyable Trek movie. I had hoped for better, as I blather about over at my place, but taken as a whole, this was a great show.

    What I wish most is that they would have just done their own thing in a different time period, rather than revamped Kirk and crew. It's not a bad alternate universe riff, but they really could have cut loose with their own story and characters.