Monday, June 8, 2009

Mrs. Oakstout reviews "Drag Me To Hell".

OK, you asked for my wife's review and here it is. First, I want to state, she didn't read my review. She asked me to send her a copy at work, since she can't see the website from her job, and I said "No". I wanted an honest reaction from her and that is what I got.
Now, there is definitely a spoiler to the ending in her post, so beware, you have been warned.

(Spoilers to follow......but if you've read anything about the film you probably already know these things....)

When Mr. Oakstout initially asked me to write this review, I wasn't sure how I felt about the movie. You see, although I am an avid fan of the horror genre, I don't like what most horror fans like. I wasn't initially particularly interested in seeing this movie. since I am not a fan of the "Evil Dead" films, and I felt this film would be similar in style. I was swayed, however, when I read multiple glowing reviews of the film. So, I decided I wanted to see it, and of course had to drag my husband along for the ride. (yeah, yeah, I know...)

Reviewing this movie, as it turns out, is a difficult task for me because I liked it....but I didn't like it.

Since I am sure anyone who is at all interested in seeing the film is already familiar with the plot, just let me just give you some random thoughts instead...

  • Very interesting premise for a film
  • History to explain the curse. I really enjoy movies that create a mythology or legend to explain the evil entity.
  • Plenty of loud, jump-in-your-seat shock moments...
  • More than plenty of "gross-out", make your skin crawl, somewhat amusing moments...
  • No serious gore, which I, for one, appreciate.
  • One pretty transparent plot-twist which you can see coming from a mile away - and that effectively misleads the viewer so you absolutely don't see the next one coming....
  • A realistic, albeit not very happy ending. This is where I differ from most hard-core horror fans. I like happy endings, unrealistic or not. I truly wanted Christine to win in the end, and for the old gypsy b***h to get what was coming to her...but I also knew that wasn't going to happen....
All in all, I think the movie is very good, but for me, it was also very nerve-wracking... which, now that I think about it, is to be expected with a good horror flick.


  1. thanks, maybe I'll rent it and umm, let my wife watch it while I go have a LAN party with the boys or something lol. She loves horror movies too. But I bet she wouldn't go for that.

  2. See I really enjoyed Cloverfield. I thought that was scary because you never really saw the creature upclose till near the end. Also, Blair Witch was good in spots. I'm not advocating that camera style because it makes me ill when I see it on a large screen.

    OH and the wife wanted me to clarify that see likes Argento, but only the Suspiria movies. Apparently there is a series of three, which she owns, not the entire collection.

    And I don't mind gore. One of my favorite genre of horror movie is Zombie movies and infected people. The Ruins and Cabin fever both fun movies in my book.

    Not a big fan of torture movies, like the Saw series. I guess my tastes are all over the place. lol