Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

My previous post has been deleted and the following is the reason:

I've come to realize that a blog is a huge responsibility. Sure posting your rants and raves about games and MMO's is a lethargic way to release bent up joy and frustration, but its really not a venue for releasing personal stuff, well it is and it isn't.

Recently, I posted about a recent unfortunate issue that I had with real life friends inside World of Warcraft. I was hurt, angry and very upset. I needed a place to air my issues and since this is my blog, I chose here. I'm not saying posting personal stuff on the web isn't helpful or therapeutic, but this particular issue was a misunderstanding between friends and as such, it should have been kept between friends, not aired out in the public. I didn't remove the blog to sensor other views or to show that I'm a poor sport when comes to these kinds of issues. This was a personal matter that needed to be handled, personally and that didn't give me the right, nor the reason to post my issues here. The break down in communication is evident in this situation and a phone call would have been a better way to clear things up than a blog post, because as I discovered a simple matter often turns into a "he said, he said" argument and then things start to get way out of whack. Obviously, there are two sides to any issue, and we could go on pointing fingers at each other all day, lines could be drawn forcing things to become crazy and get out of hand if they aren't already. But I realized, thanks to my sanity anchor and friend Ysharros, it had just turned into a crazy childish argument where I envisioned two nerds with flailing arms and hands trying to bitch slap each other like in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory".

Too often I have seen people post blistering rants about how they are treated. who did or said what, and it just ends up being this huge drawn out Internet drama that, well, is meant for places like high school and television soap operas. As someone that fell from blogging grace, I understand that venting as I did, is necessary but the Internet is really no place for this to happen. As an adult I should have known better especially since I usually point my finger at people like that and go "CRAZY" all the time.

You can exercise your inner demons but I could have done it in a better way. I'm not by nature a mean, unbalanced spiteful person, well, most of the time I'm not. But on occasion, when things hit me the wrong way, I tend to only see red and once I start trashing the china shop, I just have to let the broken pieces settle and then try and figure out, in the long run, how I will pay for all the damage. If I was a person who was always quick to anger, I think I would have handled the outcome better because of years of experience, but since I only rage once in a blue moon, I tend to over do it and it's usually something that happens with close personal friends, which is unfortunate, but hopefully in the long run, they will understand.

That being said, I'm sorry to have posted it all here. Airing my dirty laundry isn't my proudest moment, but learning from my mistake is very valuable.

We now return you to our regular humble gaming blog, already in progress.


  1. Heh yeah that was an interesting read. At first it was like *grab popcorn* "ooooh juicy guild drama!" Then it quickly turned into something else.

    Not sure if I'd deleted it though, but then again, yeah I probably would on my own blog too.

    Isn't Ysh awesome? I'm certain she's going to wind up with an official fan club someday...

  2. I wanted to clean the slate. JohnS was right as was Ysh, it was pretty childish to start having that kind of a discussion when it was best done between two people in private.

    Sure, venting things is permitted on personal blogs, I've done it tons of times, but when there is a clear difference of who is right and who is wrong, a blog isn't a way to have a discussion.

    I mean, I remember how the whole WAR stuff got peoples dander up and that was just over a game and between complete strangers.

    No, it was best to delete the post, start clean and hope that JohnS will understand why and that I wasn't trying to sensor him or his opinion.

    He's already posted it over on our forum board, which, I hope doesn't continue because it's really not about other in our circle of friends but a misunderstanding between ourselves.

    Sure it was entertaining, but not at the more costly expense of losing a friendship over, which I still hope can be recovered.

  3. Man, I need to learn how to spell. lol

  4. It is my hope as well that no friendship has been ended.

  5. I think arguments like this should be settled with a good old WoW duel. Winner is officially "Right." Get back to having fun. :)

    Seriously, though...I didn't see the referred to rant-ish post, so I hope it worked out whatever it was.

  6. Too bad, the post was pretty good, well written even for you and IMO it covered a real issue which often goes neglected in the 'anonymous MMO circles' way too often: how do we take into account the player behind the character, and do we even consider the impact of what we say or do in game towards other people? The point that it was among real life pals made it even more profound.

    Anyhow, I have made a decision to write about things I can say aloud in public. That has kind of taken care of the personal rants.

    C out

  7. I envisioned two nerds with flailing arms and hands trying to bitch slap each other like in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory".

    I'd pay good money to see grown nerds bitchslapping each other!

    ... And then Firefox ate my comments (well technically it's the script blocker, but who's counting). So uh... it's your blog, pull what you need to pull even if the censorship seems weird. Some things *are* private.

    @Scott, you're creeping me out now! I'm buying a pit bull! :-D

  8. @ Scott I'm trying to design a fan shirt on Cafe Press as I am typing this. I think we should have the first official fan club meetings at Starbucks.

    what do you think?