Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Return

OK, so I'm back from the west coast.

Truth be told, I've been back for 2 weeks, but apparently I've been too busy playing World of Warcraft to actually do any blogging.

So lets dive right in.

I've been extremely busy with WoW of late. One of the first things I managed to do was complete the [For The Alliance] achievement the reward for that was a nice Black War Bear to ride around on, as pictured above. Now, I'm stylin' and profilin'. Course, props go out to my fellow guild member, Silenced, who helped get me into the raid to kill all the heads of the horde cities. Funny thing is I was just there to help and have fun, I had no idea about the achievement or the reward. I was going to leave after the 3rd boss, but he convinced me to stay, which I am very grateful for.

After that little triumph, I managed to get my blacksmith over the 440 mark so I could craft my Titansteel Destroyer. An exceptional mace I must say and it makes a wonderful sound when killing horde or at least that is what I envision every time I kill one of those pesky vermin. Also got in a few arena rounds, got my points up and was able to buy a few pieces of nice PvP gear at a greatly improved discount.

So far I'm really enjoying life at 80. Sure there are a few times when I get bored and just hang out farming honor in a battleground or mine ore to sell. But for the most part I'm staying pretty busy, doing heroic dungeons, working on getting my jewelcrafting up and helping guildmembers reach 80.

I did manage to be part of a 10 man Naxxramas raid a week back. Now to set the stage, it was a bunch of guild members who joined up with another guild that a friend of ours was in. We used their guild ventrilo and they ran the raid. One thing I discovered, I don't like letting other people run raids other than our guild members. People take raiding way to serious and in our guild, we don't take anything serious. That's our nature. We are there to have fun, not bitch at who isn't holding agro or who is pulling agro or who doesn't have a high enough damage per second, etc. We take things light and have fun. Gaming is about fun, not about work. Well the raid didn't go as well as expected. The guild running it was a bit bossy and took things a bit too seriously for our tastes. In the end, we, Noobs, have decided that we just can't play well with the Anubis guild on Darkspear. It has actually spilled over into a few heroic runs where a member of Anubis would be rude or bossy to the point were we would have to leave. There just isn't any cause for that kind of behavior. Its a freakin game, get over yourselves.

I have more to cover, but I want to show pictures of my new in game toy, but apparently, Blogspot tends to get all wonky if I add more than one picture in a post, so I'll post about it tomorrow.

I've been commenting over on Copra's site, another World of Warcraft player, trying to convince him that Northrend is the place to be. World of Warcraft has gotten much easier to play, I'm convinced of that, even at end game. Previously, it would take me forever to acquire a set of PvP gear, but now, I'm averaging about 2 pieces a week and at this rate, I'll be fully decked out in about 2 weeks. I don't have problems getting into any heroic groups nor do I have problems acquiring gold at this level.

Normally, I'd be bitching about how the easy mode of WoW once again ruined the game. I commented on it when I was leveling my paladin up, people just would be unable to play cohesively as a group because they didn't learn the fundamentals while leveling up . I'm here to say that isn't a problem. A large portion of the new instances, even the heroics are so freaking easy to do, that the player would have to be a complete moron, and in some cases that's even ok, as long as your healer and tank aren't. Getting what you need as far as gear can be easily accomplished with the minimal amount of involvement from another human being. Because of the ease at which things can be done, people don't take issue with doing PuGs.

Sure, you get your occassional tard, but thats more of a rare thing now when forming a pick up group. I've done dozens of instances, some heroic and I think I've run across maybe 2 people that just didn't know what they were doing. Nine out of ten times, I get a fantastic group and I have to say, its all Blizzard's fault for making the game easier.

Now if they would just fix the lag and the over poplated instance servers, I'd be in heaven.


  1. Hey, welcome back! :D Belated or otherwise!

    And glad you're having fun, whatever the game!

    PS Why is your captcha asking me to name chickens in Italian?

  2. Well, I am italian and I do love those barn yard animals soo much.

  3. Sounds like you're having a blast! WoW was always about having fun with friends for me, too. I would love to join you on your server if (a) I had 25 dollars plus 15 dollars to reactivate my account. and (b) if I were addicted to Neverwinter Nights now.

  4. I noted to a friend the other day about how much easier it is for me to get a Pick up group to do the daily heroics now as opposed to when I ran my mage back before WoTLK.

    I usually don't get the random invite, but if I use the ingame LFG interface and select what instances I want to do, I usually get an invite in a short period of time. If not, then I just farm, do dailies or hang with guildies in the Battlegrounds. Either way, even if I'm not grouped with my friends, I'm at least chatting with them on the Teamspeak server we use, that way if anyone gets into a Flock of Horde, we can go hunt them down and kill them.

    Also, I'm not a live and let live kind of player anymore, especially since I'm not as squishy as I once was playing a Mage. I still get out classed, but now I'm not worried about losing, because I figure I have a better chance to win with my Pally.

  5. Sounds fun!

    **correction to my last post: (b) if I wereN'T addicted to Neverwinter Nights now.

    I tried DM'ing for NWN last night and got a few random players to come into my Module...they were friendly... aside from totally slaughtering everyone in my village with their hacked characters. They liked my role play at least, and gave lots of tips for my module!