Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Bad Patch

I'm a bit behind in my news, but I wanted to talk about something that has been bothering me since Blizzard released their recent content patch, 3.2, for World of Warcraft.

Everyone has seen the patch notes, so I won't go over them here. My main complaint, isn't the patch it self, it's what the patch has spawned. Emblems of Conquest now drop from 5 man heroic dungeons. This is great, it lets people, who are limited on time or aren't really interested in raiding, to have access to higher end gear. This has brought to the forefront some of the most obnoxious players in the game. Let me give you a little background to explain.

I like PuGs. My success rate with finding nice friendly people, who know what they are doing and know how to get the job done was close to 85%. I would run PuGs all the time and as a protection paladin, it wasn't hard to get into a group. On occasions, I would get into a group that was under geared or certain people didn't know their role, but even in those groups, people bit their tongues and didn't give each other crap.

Enter patch 3.2 and the need to have that coveted gear through Emblems of Conquests.

Players start doing chain heroics, trying to get as many emblems as they can in the least amount of time. The problem is, when you rush, things go wrong and then players start to wag their tongues a bit too much and start to point fingers. Up until the patch came out, PuGs were fun. I would do a few a day, every day if possible. Now, they are a bane to my fun. It's like the patch spawned a whole bunch of rude, crude socially unacceptable players and the only thing on their mind is what's in it for me. Patch 3.2 is a prime example of how greed effects people. "I must run 10 heroics a day so I can get my tier x shoulders by Thursday" but the issue is, once you get all that gear, what then? If your not a hardcore raider, you'll look very nice in that pretty gear, but you won't be doing anything in it. And if your already a hardcore raider, why even stress out about that gear. It's not like you won't be raiding an instance that will drop even better gear eventually. True, you have to compete for the drop against other people, but isn't that the fun of raiding? Isn't that why we raid?

I just don't get why people have to be rude. I mean, everyone has a bad day. On occasions I've made a wrong pull or forget to re-acquire agro and someone gets a mob punching them in the face, but that happens. There is no need to start telling me how to play or tell me I suck or I'm not going fast enough. I've had people so impatient that they pull bosses, just to get people moving faster and then they complain that they are dead because I didn't rescue them from their mistake. I've had several conversations in groups since the patch where my ability to tank has been brought into question because people don't understand how to control their threat. And the reason their not watching is because they are in a hurry to get to the next dungeon to acquire that next emblem and some how, that is my fault.

My advise, don't run PuGs till the dust settles and all the rude people become bored again and go back to sleep, then I think it will be safe to find a decent PuG. Lets just hope they don't release another content patch soo soon after they start to slumber.

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