Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Star Trek

I have no desire to play Star Trek Online

I am and always will be a huge fan of the series. When I was a child, I would spend evenings trying to tune in the show on a small black and white set my parents had in the bedroom. Let me say, that is dedication. I owned at one point a phaser, communicator and tricorder toy set as well as a model of a Romulan Bird of Prey. Trust me, I love the Star Trek IP.

I just don't have the confidence that Cryptic will do a good job with the IP. There are a good many people who are die hard fans and I don't see them as a company that can pull off an epic Star Trek game, especially after the debacle of Champions online. They just haven't made very many good decisions as far as providing a great game for fans based on top notch IPs and if your going to produce a game based on an IP that is as epic as Star Trek, you have to bring the top talent because if you fall short just by an inch, they will crucify you for it.

The second reason I'm not going to play is that I'm currently enjoying WoW, although at times I do get bored, which happens with all things done to excess. I have found that there is just too much for one person to do in a single MMO and that to try and spread yourself over two or more would just make it impossible to fully enjoy any.

I do hope I am wrong about Cryptic, because I'm sure there are a lot of people hoping to take part in that voyage into the final frontier. To be a part of a fantastic IP and to boldly go where no player has gone before.

At least there is always Star Wars to look forward too.


  1. You are missing out, game is fun as hell

  2. But for how long? Does it have enough content to keep you interested while leveling without grinding? Are the adventures out side the ships as exciting and fulfilling as the space battles?

    Champions was fun as hell, but after a while you ended up grinding out mobs just to level up. I'm sure flying around in the Enterprise would be a blast, but if thats all they have to offer, it will get old quick.

  3. S'okay Oak, you're not alone. I'm not playing it either. Course, I'm spending every waking moment packing for a move... what's YOUR excuse?

  4. Waiting for something that's interesting, fun and not half assed by Cryptic.

    Moving? I'm way behind in my blog reading apparently. well, good luck with your move.

  5. I've never felt Star Trek made a very game-friendly setting to play in. Like a lot of Sci Fi, its message is best serve by its story being told to you, not lived/interacted with by you.

    In contrast, Star Wars is all about exploring the expanded universe and having fun. Thus its great for games.

  6. I wish I could play it, but I'm over my game budget this month already!

    If the game doesn't have longevity, that's no big deal for me. If the game entertains me for a month, I've paid $50 for a game I got through within a week lots of times. I'd like it just for the online aspect anyways.

    And it's Star Trek!

    I do have a friend who played the beta, and he loved it until about level 15 or so, then he was done. But he seemed to have a lot of fun in the meantime.