Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Puzzle Quest!

I've been AFK this past week from my favorite consoles and MMO's but that hasn't stopped me from gaming. Lucky for me, I had my trusty DS and man, I was able to rediscover how much fun can be had with Puzzle Quest Warlords.

I have to say that in the past I've treated Puzzle Quest as a variant of Bejeweled. I would take it with me while waiting in a doctor's office or when I was meditating in the morning before work, because it was a quick game and you could make small advances while not getting to involved. I'd always approached it as nothing more complicated than matching gems to get mana and then using it to cast spells to do direct damage or defend against your opponents fury of attacks. But there is a complex set of strategies and a really nice story as I happen to find out this past week.

As I found out, getting the handle of this game all starts with playing the right class. On this go round, I decided to play a druid, which allowed for some nice healing spells as well as some good direct damage ones as well. This time I decided to employ a little more defense to stop the smack down getting laid to me every other round. Apparently, its not only about getting mana for your self, but also about preventing mana from going to your opponent to stop them from tossing damage spells at you all the time.

So far I'm enjoying it the more I play and plan to stick with it instead of popping in Planet Puzzle League when I want some puzzle action. As soon as I get my Xbox back, I'll start up my arcade version just to see how much different it is, but I am sure that it will be a blast as well.

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