Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stargate Universe: Take 2!

When I originally watched SGU last year, I wasn't very impressed. It seemed to be in between great, the original Stargate and horrible or as I call it, the Stargate Atlantis experience. This past Friday, I had the opportunity to view a large batch of SGU episodes on SyFy, marathon's tend to be like that. I have to say, the show is growing on me. At least to the point where I am willing to add it to my list of must record shows.

I am hopeful that the show's premise, stranded on an unstoppable space ship traveling around the universe, won't become stale or too silly, which can be the death of a lot of SyFy shows. I will say that the character development is starting to look promising, especially now that they have started killing off a good many "non essential to the over all plot of the show" characters, or as some could call them, fodder.

There is a lot of potential and I just hope SyFy doesn't blow it, like they did Atlantis.

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