Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I hate you Gamestop!

So almost 2 weeks ago, I decided to put some money down on a new Xbox 360 pre order through Gamestop. The lady told me that I could expect my new Xbox no later than July 9th, however, she informed me that they get shipments every week and that I would probably be getting mine before July 9th.

So, after a week, I called them up and asked what the status was on my pre order. Apparently, the day I put MY money down on the new Xbox was the last day they were taking pre orders and my pre order was one of the last ones to they would be filling. Now, I sure as I was handing over my cash the lady behind the counter new this, but failed to inform me that I would be one of the last to be getting my pre order filled. Because if I had known, I would have held on to my cash and used it to purchase the new Xbox at Target or Best Buy, which in the last two weeks I've seen tons of. (Sorry I know ending a sentence on a preposition is bad, but Gamestop made me do it!)

Now I wait. The bad part is that I'm heading out of town for the rest of the week and I'm sure that my shipment will arrive, they will call me and tell me I have till the end of the day to pick it up and when I don't they will end up selling it out from under me. Oh, I have informed them that I was headed out of town, that I still wanted the unit and they graciously wrote my name down on a piece of paper, but I'm sure that when I show up next Monday, which will be after July 9th, they won't have a unit for me. Shame on me for being a trusting soul. Yes, I could have my wife pick it up, but I also want to trade in my old unit and getting that worked out with the little woman ain't going to be smooth as glass, so its just better for me to handle it assuming they even have a unit for me on Monday and they will let me trade my old one in.

I hate you Gamestop!

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