Monday, July 12, 2010

Netflix: Video Nectar from the Gods

My newly discovered obsession with Doctor Who has forced me to take a drastic measure, I decided to try out Netflix. Really it was the only sane thing to do. I could, either buy season 2 - 4, (I hate season 1; please see previous post for clarification) rent all of them, both a tax on my limited income or just get Netflix and watch them when I could, which appears to be just about every waking hour since I signed up for Netflix.

Now my wife had to be convinced that spending an extra $10.00 a month on movies since we already get HBO was worth it. Well actually, I did it and then told her I was doing it after the fact. However, since getting Netflix, she has seen the light, I mean the advantage, of having it, mostly because they have a lot of really old really bad horror movies available for disc delivery or instant watching and those are the things she loves the most.

The best feature has to be the instant viewing of movies and television shows. It is a fact that they have more movies for home disc delievery, but there is a modest amount of shows that you can watch instantly on your PC, Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360, which is great because I have all of them. The only rub is that because they signed an exclusive with Microsoft, the Wii and PS3 require a disc to run their movie software, which isn't much of a hassle since they will send you the disc free when you sign up.

If you watch a lot of movies or have missed a lot of television shows that you'd have to go out and rent the discs anyway, then spending $10.00 a month is a pretty good deal. I also managed to stream 2 movies from different viewers without much signal lose at all. This way, I can watch Doctor Who on the computer while my wife watches Jekyl on the Wii.

I would recommend this service to anyone who travels and has a laptop or just loves to stay at home on a rainy day and watch movies.

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