Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Please fill my raid spot.

Wednesday night is normally 10 man Raid night in WoW. Tonight, I'm not gonna do it. Instead, I'm going to log in, beam on board my ship, give the order to power the impulse engines and cruise around the galaxies of Star Trek Online. I want to test out my new Science vessel that I picked up after reaching Lieutenant Commander last night. I was wrong in my previous post when I said it was every 10 levels. In fact, its every 11 levels.

After reaching my new level, I was asked to see the Admiral on Space Station Earth so he could promote me to the proper rank. Afterwards, I was told to head to the space stations conference area where I was saluted by everyone in the room and given my new set of officer bars. It was very formal and very nice. In most other MMO's when you reach a milestone you don't get any pomp and circumstance, you just get a very loud "Ding" and shimmering colors. In STO they make it a proper celebration. I can't wait till my next promotion and my next ship, but for now, I'll cruise the star systems with pride and the fortitude to seek out new life and new civilizations, to kill Gorn, Klingons and marauders alike.

One thing I do want to say before I end this post. The animation, at times, might not be the smoothest, but the space battles and massive explosions are fantastic in my book. Along with the music it gives you the proper feel of being part of the Star Trek IP.


  1. Have you attended the optional celebration? That one is a bit lousy though.

    Now you need Disruptor Beams. Heavy Cannons don't work on Science Vessels. It was mentioned in the fine print!

  2. Yea, I noticed the fine print when I tried loading them on to my ship and the engineer kept saying how stupid I was and how he would revoke my engineering privilege's lol

    I did the optional one where they all salute you and you have to see the guy in the chapel or conference hall with the two staircases. I actually enjoyed that because it added more depth to the game than most MMO's do when you level up other than a ding.

  3. The Nova-class science vessel rocks! Don't forget all science ships' special ability - to fire on an enemy subsystems, reducing its power. I use it in conjunction with Energy Siphon to go after tough shields.

  4. I finally found those last night but they should have a better way of explaining the upgrades you get. Not necessary another tutorial, which btw is pretty bad in STO, but maybe a voice over a fly by of your new ship explaining some of the new features. Something that is optional but can be skipped if you've been playing the game a while.

    Other than that little bitching, I'm having a great time. I sure would have been nice to know that some battles scale up when you level up, like starbase 24, but even though I died a lot after peaking my head in, I still had fun.

  5. I just tried the STO demo 2-3 weeks ago, it's real fun, but then it just leaves you there still able to log in but unable to actually do anything. I was tempted to buy the game but didn't want to put down any more money into games right now...Just got a free 7 day reactivation for WoW, so it looks like I'll be playing WoW this week again! yay, I've missed WoW.