Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Art of Not Leaving

My last post seemed very depressing. I had pretty much grown tired of World of Warcraft. I didn't have very high hopes for Cataclysm and I was very dejected by the state of MMO's in general.

What? You didn't get all that from my last post? Am I really that horrible of a story teller? I must do better in the future I promise. But lets move forward to today and this post.

Well, a few bloggers that I follow on twitter, Scary_booster, Medwa and The River, started hyping up cataclysm. They were going on and on about some Horde guild they were planning. How it was going to be super causal and how they planned to play goblins and just start enjoying the game from the ground up again. Well, let me say, it started to peak my interest. I figured, why not just make a new start of it?

For nearly 5 years, I'd been playing strictly Alliance characters. It was fun, I enjoyed leveling 5 toons to level 80 and maxing them out and even getting in some raid time with a few of them. But I'd seen the game from that point of view and I wanted a change. Cataclysm was going to add new content for lower levels, it was changing the face of the old world and introducing new races, so why not give it one more try.

So I took up Scary's offer and I am now, Greengotz, Goblin Hunter level 19 in the Latency Lowlife guild on Azgalor. Course everyone over in the guild still calls me Oak and I do have a Tauren Paladin named Oakstout in the guild, because I do have to represent.

I'm going to do a full blog post on what I love about the new expansion, the goblin starter areas and my over all impressions of being a Horde in the next upcoming posts. I'd do it all now, but then my blog would be silent for a few weeks, this way I have lots of material to drag out so people and fellow bloggers don't bury me on their RSS feed.

I will say this. If World of Warcraft has bored you in the past or you just feel tired of playing. Do what I am doing. Start over on a different server, Azgalor is a nice one. Try a class, race or even faction, Horde is very nice if you've been playing Alliance for 6 yrs. Also, changing guilds is always a good way to shake things up. I recommend Latency Lowlife, sure we are bloggers and tweeters, which do consist of the lowest common denominator when it comes to people with class, but we are friendly, helpful and we aren't very interested in rushing to end game to be bored to death. Relax, read some quests, look at the new starter areas and just be a causal gamer.


  1. I'm glad that you are enjoying the game again. I've heard from more than one person that the Cataclysm has brought a new freshness to the game.

  2. Hey! I finally started up again too. I have the same approach to the game. Just grow with your friends and have a good time. My friends and I started new Blood Elves. I was always Alliance before, too. (Although so far, I still prefer Alliance, but that's okay)

  3. Glad you're enjoying it over there. Cataclysm has really made a big difference in WoW. It seems like Blizzard has rolled out the red carpet for new folks by incorporating things they learned from the last two expansions back into the old world.

  4. I am really liking the guild so far to me it's the group of people in the guild that is making the game fun for me again <3 fo zezzle my nezzle in da house :)