Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scary decision

I normally use a PC to craft my wonderfully created blog posts. The idea of relying on my iPod to handle all my blogging needs was just out of the realm of possibilities.

Then today I read a post from one if my favorite bloggers, Scary Booster, who had grown frustrated with his free blog posting app and decided to bite the bullet and throw down some cash and picked up a more reliable app.

Being a devoted follower of the cult of Scary, I decided to purchase the same app, BlogPress. I'll give it a try and hope that it will increase my urge to blog.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPod


  1. So far ( 1 post) it is 200% better. I can do stuff I only dreamed about before. I guess you really do get what you pay for

  2. Welcome to the world of mobile blogging. Most of my updates are written and submitted from my android phone. While it may feel like a handicap at first, as you get more comfortable with it, its nice being able to blog from anywhere.

  3. More power to you two using an iPhone to post, I don't think I would have the patience to do it.

  4. It seems odd that Oak is willing to blog with his iphone, but bitches in vent when someone texts him. I love you anyways Oak.

  5. One thing, I am doing all this on a 4th Gen iPod. The texts I keep getting are from my boss sending me inappropriate material and it gets annoying when I'm busy hanging on vent with my kool guildies. Also my next post took me about an hour to put together but it was easier than doing it on my computer, because the app is that good.

  6. I like the new program, but apparently it gets really stupid with the images I use. I had 4 blog posts lose their picture links. I ended up redownloading them onto my PC and adding them back, but still, this can be an issue.

    Not sure what caused it, but I hope it gets fixed soon, because I hate having to back track.