Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've often blogged about the pitfalls of hype, especially when it's generated by those participating in betas. How irresponsible it is to express feelings, good or bad, be it through blogs or tweets about a product that clearly isn't ready for mass public consumption hence the title "Beta".

No matter how hard it is to resist, people still insist that telling the world about their experiences while playing an incomplete product is the best way to hype or destroy said product. It's the right thing to do, because we don't want those reading our RSS or twitter feed to misunderstand how this unfinished product has changed our view of gaming one way or the other. It would be a disservice to hold back how we really feel about the 10% of a under development game we've experienced. How the small or big tweaks they've made though the beta process have either wet our appetites or made us lose our collective lunches.

I just don't understand why so many judge something they've never actually played. It's like reviewing a movie when you've only seen the opening credits. Who wants those people to tell them what to buy a ticket for?

True, people go out of their way to explain that these are their feelings and they don't necessarily reflect the views of the community as a whole, but that's just crap. People tweet and blog so others will read their opinions. They want people to share in the experience and those that follow you do it because they empathize with what your feeling and saying. You have influence over others.

So do some of us a favor and stop spoiling the end to our gaming. I know you want to share but do it when your playing an actual released product not a "Beta".

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  1. Hrmm... no can do. My blog is primarily a review of what I have done so I can remember it. Problems of the old and all that. You're welcome to come in and share in it if you like, but you're a guest not my editor.

  2. My current issue is with Rift. People rant and rave about it in beta but when they change one thing in beta people start saying how its not the same as it was, but its hasn't even been released. If you want to review a game that is out, cool, I'm all for that. If you want to talk about betas your in, with simple non judgmental discussions cool, but when you start hyping or trashing something that isn't even out yet and you've only seen a tenth of what is really to come,can you really be objective or informative to your readers?

    Again, its not much different from reviewing a movie when you've not seen the whole thing or a tv series after only seeing the pilot. You've hardly experienced any of the game proper when your playing in a beta. A beta is to stress and test different parts of the game, its not something one should base a review on.

  3. I guess what I'm asking for is people to be responsible. I understand blogging is all about how you feel and what your doing, I do it all the time. But regardless of what we actually think, people do respond to what we write. I'm not going to go so far as to say that bloggers are journalists or reporters, that debate creeps up from time to time and people will always be divided. I'm just asking bloggers to understand how crazy it is to create hype and or criticize things that aren't even considered a product yet.

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