Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What to blog about? That's a huge question? Do I talk about the current MMO landscape and it's future? What, if any, impact has Rift had on WoW's sub numbers? Will WoW wither away or become Free to Play? Should more companies take chances to break out of the WoW mold or should they continue to clone it?

Well I could talk about all those things but then I would be like thousands of other bloggers out there, speculating on the future of a business that 10 years ago was dominated by Everquest and why was that? Because they were the only game in town, basically.

In the future it seems that anyone with a programmer and investor's cash will be getting into the MMO business, sorry Curt Schilling. All this does is clutter the field, making it harder for the gems to stand out. Forcing bloggers to pick a favorite and trounce everything that isn't what they are playing. Giving birth to a flock of Fanboys that will circle looking for prey, starting a plethora of flame wars and...

Well to be honest that isn't the future it's the present. People spend way too much energy deciding who has the bigger penis, I mean MMO, and why? Who really cares? I change MMO's like underwear, once a year and to be honest I'm only loyal till you bore me to death or fail to provide value for my dollar. Trying to explain why my choice is better that your choice is like trying to explain what a song bird sounds like to a deaf person and pretty silly if you ask me.

If people were the same, liked the same thing and made the same choices the world would be boring. Excepting that your opinion matters but only to you is the first step to recovery, from the dreaded fanboy disease.

And I thought I wouldn't have anything insightful to say.

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  1. Your box looks like a no-frills Wii lol. I think WoW is a long way off from being free to play. I hope Rift does do well and steal people from it, though I personally believe it will take many different companies efforts combined with great releases to whittle WoW down as EQ was whittled down by Dark Age of Camelot, WoW, and others.

  2. Soo many games, people are perfectly welcome to be picky about which they choose.

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