Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guild Wars 2: Disaster waiting to happen?

I finally broke down and pre ordered Guild Wars 2 on Monday morning.  The announcements went out yesterday that people would be slowly receiving their beta invites and as luck would have it this morning I received mine.  YEAH!  Course this weekend I'll be mostly visiting relatives with very limited time to try out the beta, but still I will be able to dip my toes in the water of Guild Wars 2 goodness.  At the very least I can see the starting areas and how my new gaming machine that I built in January of this year will handle the graphics.  I haven't really been looking at a lot of GW2 media.  I have checked out what others have said either in my feed or on Google+.  Players are pretty passionate about the game.  While playing the beta for Tera this past weekend a lot of the local area chat consisted of conversation, passionate ones, about how Tera would hold up once GW2 got released, because GW2 is awesome, its going to beat everything, it will be the best game out there.

There were a lot of pretty strong opinions concerning a game that really has only been seen by a few players and those who have gotten to play the demo did so at a  convention, which frankly is designed to run flawlessly and on the best gaming machines available. Course before the passionate descend on me let me also state that there are a lot of people who have been participating in the close beta who will have a valid opinion of the beta, not the actual released game, so that opinion is valid if only concerning parts of the game they have experienced that will continue to be part of the released game.

How do we know as players that GW2 will be the next in gaming revolution?  Will  the mounds of press media that has been descending upon us for months and is now threatening to cover us in an avalanche of information before the game is actually released give us what we need to know whether the game will be worth of our hard earned money?  I've seen videos, looked at blogs and still I'm not sure if GW2 will be the best MMO out there or just invalidated hype.

I hate hype and I hate people in the betas professing how much a game like GW2 will change the face of gaming or that it will be the most god awful game since Vanguard.  Either way, I am excited about my participation in this weekends beta so I can get my own opinion and therefore make sure I've made the right choice by pre ordering the game.

Hope to see you there.

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