Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Another epic Blizzard Failure.  Apparently they patched today in order to fix a few things and completely unhinged the system again.  Not sure what their over all plan was but it felt just like release week more to the point if felt just like the actual day of release.  Look, I'm all for putting out patches, but can you guys test them before causing a major meltdown every time you decided something is broken, which it isn't and add something to the game which we don't necessarily need.

I'll say this again, if the game had an offline mod where people could play solo I don't think I would complain at all.  If I wanted to access the AH or play with others I'd have to log in, but not allowing people to have any and I mean ANY access to the game while a bunch of crack head techs try to figure out which one of them left the jelly sandwich inside the log in server is just simply poor planning and more importantly poor customer service.  yea I understand issues upon release, I get that, but the game was FINALLY running very smoothly, now is not fit to keep my door open.. yea I said it.. DOOR STOP NOT APPLICABLE.   Look this isn't old hat to you guys.  I mean you released WoW for gawd sake and StarCraft 2 to much success.  I mean its not like you guys were blindsided by people wanting to have a taste of the new Blizzard designer drug.  Hell, you should have been entrenched warriors ready for the battle.  Already hardened by WoW and SC2. This shouldn't be an issue for a system like Battle.net which has been in place since the release of Diablo 2.  There should have been veterans in there working to keep everything going, understanding how important it is to keep the log in servers running and people in the game enjoying their hard earn labored produced crack.  Instead we get.. well.. we get more Error 37 and "Can not create game" because someone forgot where they put the log in server or if they even turned it back on after patching the game.

I mean come on man.  

I know its harder than Brain Science or Rocket Surgery, but don't they hire top notch people to make sure that shit is up and running and customers aren't on the forums or calling them every 10 seconds wanting to know when they can start enjoy the game they have been waiting what over 10 yrs for?  Can't we as gamers catch a freakin break?  I mean if they aren't getting us addicted to an MMO, which is always down once a week for maintenance, now they design another game to act like an MMO, but isn't, but it is because they do maintenance once a week and they can't seem to get that together long enough to even get the system back up and FUCKING running, like an MMO.

So look, Blizzard please fix your fucking shit.  I don't want excuses, I want an off line mod so I can play this $60.00 game that is slowly turning into a pile of what my dog won't even crap out. And turning me into a raving lunatic, who is yelling, screaming and letting spittle run out his mouth because of the anger you have induced in me by your FAILURE to insure that people will have proper access to your game.  I mean come on man, if you guys took as much care getting your servers up and patched as you do crafting that EULA which we have to accept every freaking time you make any kind of change.  Btw, we just want to play, we don't really care that no matter how much time we invest in the characters or all the time we spend outfitting them or all the money we try to make that your still the sole owner of each and every character, item and drop of gold on your server.  JUST FIX THEM so we can enjoy more of your game crack.

Wow.. that was a hell of a rant.  Sorry.  I was hoping to get to play with a friend of mine this evening, who I've not spoken with in almost over a year and not played a video game with in over 2 and Blizzard completely tanked the idea by causing the game to crash a LOT.


  1. I agree with most everything. However, I don't think an offline patch will ever come because being online is their DRM. It sucks, but I don't see it happening.