Friday, July 4, 2014


I have nothing really interesting thing to say this week, sadly.  I had a few blog ideas, one involving how lame gaming sites are these days and how they are just link bait, but to be honest, everybody probably already knows that,  Those that would care, don't visit those sites anymore and those that don't care probably subscribe to the e-mail news letter to several different sites and get twitter updates.  

I was going to talk about the controversy concerning Giant Bomb hiring two "White" males to be as writers for their site and podcasters;  how a woman gamer caused an uproar about her disapproval that a "Woman" didn't get a chance at the job in a tweet and how that tweet pretty much caused her twitter account to explode into a bombardment of hate by tons of loyal Giant Bomb fans, forcing her to spend the day blocking and reporting people.  Although it would have been an interesting discussion, I decided that the entire incident could be summed up with the statement that mistakes were made by all those involved, people really need to grow up, understand that venting their frustration in an environment where people can be anonymous is just asking for trouble and that thinking before giving your opinion can be a wise decision.  Not that offering your opinion isn't your right, I'm just saying that a person has to understand who the audience is before opening his or her mouth.  I would never walk into the middle of Blizcon and shout that WoW is lame.  I am pretty sure that getting out of there would be hell especially if I expected not to be slayed by a cos-player wielding a plastic sword and shield.  Fans are rabid.  Fan is actually short for Fanatic.  Still, people are entitled to their opinion.  If I thought WoW was lame, then that is my opinion.  I'm sure it wouldn't be a popular one at Blizcon just like the lady gamers opinion wasn't popular with the Giant Bomb fan bases, but they needed to show some civility and not be rabid.

But I decided not to post anything about that incident.

I discovered that playing Hearthstone is fun, but the matching system under the casual game play setting is pretty much broken.  The game doesn't check to see what your card count is or what kind of cards you have, it just matches you based on wins I suspect.  The other day I ended up in several matches playing against people who had cards I had never seen.   When that happens I lose 100% of the time.  So, I decided to fix this problem, purchased 15 packs of cards and found a few that helped my decks.  Today, I was able to go 5 for 5 in play, with 3 of those games being Ranked.  So cards do make all the difference.  Course, being able to get to the cards in your deck in a timely fashion so you can win is also a challenge, but you need to have the cards IN YOUR DECK to start with.

Let me see, what else.  Played some Wildstar PVP last night with a few good guildies from Alliance of Awesome.  Good times were had.  It seemed we broke about even, winning 3 out of 5 or 6 matches.  Towards the end we started losing more, but I decided that drinking beer and tequila was best done while not playing a competitive game. lol

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July and I'll blog at you next week.

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  1. Alliance of noobs! But I'm not going to comment about that. In fact, I'm not really commenting...