Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Never Meaning No harm....

I am back!

Last week I was away working in Music City. That would be Nashville, TN for all you non country music lovin folks out there, or Canadians. I had a crappy time while I was there. I felt bad and was having all this mysterious pain stuff happening, but lucky for me it wasn't bad enough to kill me, so you'll have to keep reading more of my desparate attention getting slop. Sorry.

I will say this for Nashville.....I don't get it! Let me start off by saying that I like country music. I like all kinds of music, and when I say I don't get it, I just don't see what the big hoopla is.

I will say that I probably didn't experience the full on force of Nashville. What I did experience was a small section of down town, where the world famous bar, Tootsies's Orchid Lounge is located. Course I think Tootsies only true claim to fame is that it is exactly 4o steps away from the backdoor of the Ryman Auditorium, which was home to the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 - 1974 and where after their Opry performance, many would step on over to Tootsies and party till the early morning hours. A lot of people, including Willie Nelson got their start at Tootsies.

It like other bars in that area are filled with people listening to music till wee hours of the morning. Most of these people are drunk and having a grand old time, whooping and a hollering. Apparently all of them, course not those throwing up in the street, are having a great time. I like all kinds of music, but after experiencing this atmosphere for about and hour, it occurred to me that I just didn't get it. I mean, it was nice and all, but it was hard for me to imagine that this little area is the heart of country music. I guess when you have that many drunk people in one place, it helps cultivate music. Apparently I lacked the musical taste and drunken swagger necessary to understand this. Don't think me a prude by no means, I love to get my drink on, but I just didn't get the whole, this is Music City, the capital of country music.

I did get to see the Cooter's museum/over priced Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia store. That's me in the red shirt up at the top with my boss Devin in his now famous pink General Lee hat. I will say that being a block away from the liquor store probably helps them pull in people, because you would really have to be a rabid Duke's of Hazzard fan or drunk to even step in the place. It was pretty Cheesy and I was tempted to buy a shirt, but then I wouldn't have been able to buy the bottle of wine which helped me block out the visit there.

So thats what I did last week.

I did manage to play a little bit of WoW since arriving back home on Saturday. I finally defrosted my level 67 Dwarf Warrior and started and started the slow climb to 70. I figure having an extra 70 around will help when I start breaking in my Death Knight at the end of the year. That is if Blizzard doesn't pull a Houdini on us and change the release date till early next year.

Nothing more exciting to say right now. I do have a few ideas for future blogs, but nothing I can motivate myself to working on right now. After being away from the keyboard for a week, it has always been difficult for me to get back in the grove of playing, let alone raid. I know a lot of people are so hooked they jump right on the second they get back in the house, but I have to pace myself to get back into it the so called Grind of daily playing. I do hope this week I'll be able to work myself slowly out of this slight slump and do some raiding this weekend.

In the mean time, hang in there. I should have some interesting posts this week. Nothing to controversial, but still, you never know what a dwarf can think up.

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