Wednesday, June 18, 2008

That's Not FUNNY!

Ok, this is my first attempt at taking one of my many doodles and posting it online.
I have yet to master the art of Photoshop, but I am learning.

Its all a work in progress. One day I hope to have the normal comic panels and speech balloons, but that may take some time.


  1. If you need direction, Oak. Let me know. I'm no "expert", but after spending the past 2 years in PS, I'm pretty good these days. :)

  2. I'm learning it slowly. I picked up PS Elements 6 today, so it may take me a while to learn the new interface. I don't have the cash for CS3 which is what I would love to play with, but alas, I have to spend money on things like Gas for my car these days. lol

    I do like working with my new Wacom pen tablet. It's a lot more stable than my mouse. I've got a few sketches that I'm going to transfer in a few days, which I hope to publish here. The only problem I am having it figuring out how to do all the shadowing. A friend at work is really good with PS, so I'm hoping to get some pointers from him.

    But that being said, I would like your advise on how to create my comic panel template. That's the only thing I haven't figured out yet, like what size my comic needs to be and how to build the panels. I'll worry about what my characters are going to say once I figure out how to get them in the panel.

    I just need some kind of reference as to how big it all needs to be, 1024x768 or smaller kind of thing. I know that there is a book on Amazon about web comics that I've been tempted to buy, maybe I can get the wife to spring for it. lol