Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Me, Myself and I

Today's blog will be a catch all for what I've been up to in the last month. Some of it I've already covered and some I have not, which is the reason for the catch all part.

A couple of month's back I talked about finally working on getting my Protection Warrior, Oakstout to 70. Well, after 3 years, I finally reached that point last Wednesday. I'd been grinding a little on him for over the last year trying to finally reach that top spot, but I always get distracted with raiding on my mage, Gwion. Well, since the "Shoe Fits" guild hasn't been doing anything since my return from Nashville, I decided to finally grind my first character up. Lucky for me they aren't in the same guild.

I'll have to say that I wasn't a Protection warrior until level 62. From that point, I'd been doing the slow grind, occasionally getting in maybe an instance or two, but only with friends and no PuGs. My confidence when it came to tanking just wasn't where it should have been. Well, prior to reaching 70, I gave Steam Vaults a try. I must say, it was a fantastic experience. Every chance I get now I'm in the LFG channel trying to get into any instance I can. So far, I've tanked Shadow Labyrinth, Durnhold twice and Black Morass. Thank goodness none of them have been disasters. Last night, I got an invite to off tank Karazhan, which was similar to tanking with my mage only I died more. lol But a lot of that was because I was a bit under geared for the instance, but it was still a fun and informative experience.

The experience of tanking compared to a ranged DPS character is day and night. If your bored with your DPS character, be it melee or range, try a Protection Warrior or Paladin, the experience is eye opening. You see things for a completely different perspective. Your job is way different. Now, I don't even care about the dps charts. I'm more upset if I'm above anyone on them. lol I have learned that agro is your friend and I love it.

Another big huddle that I leaped across was getting my flying mount, which I managed in a day after reaching 70. I have also, with the help of a flying mount and friends, opened up all my daily quests, with the exception of those in Shadowmoon Valley. I just don't have 5k gold for an epic flying mount skill yet, but I'm working on it.

The only draw back to being a protection warrior is you suck at PvP. That being said, once I get all my tanking gear, I plan to revisit my talent spec and go after some really nice PvP battleground gear. This way, I have a set for anything I'm planning.

Ok, enough about WoW.

I managed to pick up the Spore Creature Creator that is being sold in stores. I got the Target one, which actually has some premade creatures you can assess. It has a lot more choices for body parts than the down loadable demo. So, if your really having a great time with it, I suggest throwing down $10.00 and picking it up. Trust me, you'll be happy you did. You can also change the resolution to 1680x1050, which is native for my 22" and everything looks just fantastic. (I'm not sure if the demo will do this, but I don't remember finding that option available.)

I'm sure you all know by now that I bought a Nintendo Wii. I have to say that this by far is my best purchase ever and any reviews that rave about how this system is fun and innovative are understated. I am having a blast playing Wii Sports with my wife. The bowling and tennis are the most fun so far. You can really get into the spirit of the games. We bounce around and swing our remote like we are really on a tennis court. I'm just glad we can do this in the privacy of our own home, its very embarrassing at times.

I also picked up Super Mario Galaxy. This game is awesome. If your a fan of the Mario style games, it is a must have. The music and controls are fantastic. I've not gotten very far, only because my wife keeps playing Dr. Mario Rx Online, but from what I have seen, its definitely a game I will finish. It might not have a lot of replay value, but I'll probably play it again once I get to the end, just because its that much fun.

Other than a little bit of Pac-Man C.E, I've not done much with my Xbox 360. Other than use it as a dvd player. Scrubs is an awesome show by the way.

I think that pretty much puts me up to date with what I've been playing. I'm hoping to add a Nintendo DS Lite to my collection of gaming systems sometime this week and if I do, I'll let you know what I'm playing on that as well.

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