Thursday, July 10, 2008

Can you save a broken dam with your finger?

Ok so its a slow day for good blog titles, so sue me.

Funcom has again applied a bandaid for an amputated appendage. Here is my issue. If your applying so many changes to a game in seveal (Need to proof read more!) patches within the first month and a half of release the you've got a poorly excecuted game.

To start with, not everyone can play the game due to the upscaled, gorgious graphical detail in the game. I mean, everyone wants perfect nipples right? So, now you've limited your player base to people that have kick ass machines. When they launched the game, where was all the cool stuff that was promised like PvP advancement and rewards as well as working battle siege areas, which the end game kind of depended upon. Not to mention all the bugs still in the game even now. It seems to me like they aren't getting ahead of these issue because they were so far behind at launch it might take them a year to get it all straight. A year they could have spent on more open beta testing, instead of making the consumer the Guinea pigs.

I could go on and on. Lets just say that I'm glad I got out while I could. I have this feeling that AoC will be the next SWG no matter how many disgruntled WoW players you manage to capture. The smart ones will eventually go back to WoW or move on to WAR, even if its WoW with a different skin, objectives, quests, talent advancement, RvR, professions, and basic game play. Oh, well, maybe it isn't like WoW at all. did I get that confused.


...for more info on the current AoC patch notes, you can check out them out (ok, really need to start proof reading. Does that even make sense?) here on Jobildo's site. My pimping obligation for the day is complete. lol

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  1. Sweet! If you're my pimp that makes me a ho! I've always wanted to be one! Yay! :)