Monday, July 14, 2008

Purple heaven.

A quick post about an interesting thing that happened to me on Friday night.

Our guild decided to do a Kara run. Oakstout, being a bit under geared got drafted to be the Off tank. Since we couldn't field the entire 10 man, we PuG-ed about 3 people, we started really late in the evening, around 9:30PM my time, and I was extremely tired.

Well, now the good news. I ended up scoring 10 Epics on that one run. Yes, 10! The warrior we had drafted to be the MT didn't need anything but Badges from Kara, so I made out like a bandit. The only piece of gear that dropped that I didn't get, irony of the night, was my T4 helm. I'm still running around with 2 pieces of blue gear and 1 piece of green, how sad. I ended up with the tanking sword, King's Defender, and Spiteblade, the dps warrior sword. I also managed to get Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch.

I just seemed like everything was going my way, but other than the dps sword, everything else I picked up was for a protection Warrior. It was a full clear and I didn't get to sleep until 3am saturday morning, due to buying gems and enchantments for all my gear. I am now at my defensive cap, which is 490, and slowly working on building up my stamina, a must for protection warriors.

Funny thing, all weekend I tried to get a group to do any instance, and now that I'm decked out in purple epic gear, I couldn't find one group to run with, not one. How sad.


  1. I've had days like that.. everything is going your way and then blammmo! (Like bildo's comic). :)

    Oakstout, I was wondering if you and your readers would like to come over and give me and Anton ideas for the tactical rpg game we're making.

  2. Sure, I've already posted a comment. I hope to contribute more in the future. Sounds like a great idea.