Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Casualties of War

Casualties of War is a new Warhammer online guild started by fellow bloggers, Genda and Jobildo. Let me start by saying it's starting to shape up as the guild to be in. Most of the members so far are bloggers, who's blogs I read just about daily, Heartless, Ethic, Wilhelm2451, Cuppycake, Rick and several others. The guild is not restricted to bloggers, so everyone is welcome to apply.

The guild will be on two servers, still yet to be decided, with one server being for Destruction players and the other for Order. It will be a casual guild with the emphasis on providing a fun, relaxed and drama free atmosphere for all members.

I've not picked which side to start my future main on, both Destruction and Order have classes that really appeal to me. Starting with the White Lion, Warrior Priest and Witch hunter on the Order side, while the Black Orc, Shaman, and Witch Elf on the Destruction side are also peaking my interest. It's like Christmas, untill you start openning up presents, you don't know which will be your favorite toy. Boy, that was a hard analogy to pull out this early in the morning.

Rest assured that this game will be taking up more of my time than anticipated, because of the added feature of having a guild filled with fun people.

On a side note, if you haven't purchased a High Def television for your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, I highly recommend it. The difference is night and day. I spent yesterday at a friends house playing Madden 08 for the PS3 on a 50" DLP HD TV and it was freaking awesome. Lucky for me, about a month ago my old 26" RCA TV in my man cave died, so I purchased a 32" Samsung HD for my Xbox 360. It just makes all the difference. Any one that tells you they can't tell the difference between High definition and Standard definition TV have them seek an opthomologist as soon as humanly possible because they most likely have gone blind.

Also, if you get an HD TV but can't afford the HD cable or Sat service, no worries. Just buy a $12.00 Tv antenni at Radio Shack and you should be able to pick up all of the local channels, which have been broadcasting in HD for some time. Unless you live out in the sticks, but still you'll have a great TV for you console, and thats the only true reason to getting one anyway. It was mine. You know hard it is to break a 26" TV?


  1. The guild is going to be a lot of fun :)

    Congrats on the TV! That's sweet, and it's in my future at some point as well. I haven't bought a current-gen console wife and I sort of have a tacit agreement that she gets the TV and I get the computer. Fine with me, I can't play MMO's on the TV :)

  2. I'm sure you can talk her into a Wii, which is what I did with my wife. She plays it more than I do, but there are lots of "together" type games which can make things fun.

    The smart thing for me, I usually play Co-op with my wife, so she doesn't kill me for beating her all the time. lol