Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Confession.

The blog police are closing in on me.

I have committed the ultimate sin, broken my own golden rule. It's been said that confession is good for the soul so here it is, I've been hyping a major MMO game prior to it's release. I'm speaking of WAR.

Yes, I know, it makes me a hypocrite! Especially after having condemned others on blogs for the exact same thing. I am so ashamed of myself I can't even think straight. But I must continue.

There are only two logical reasons for this personal failure. One, I've pretty much lost interested in WoW. Not sure why and I can't for the life of me figure out how to recapture my enthusiasm. I've been trying to level up alts, run heroic dungeons and even try to get into a few raids, but I've not had any luck with any of those options when it comes to getting my interest back up for WoW. I might be experiencing the burn out everyone talks about. For the past week, all I've done is play Xbox 360 games and surf the net looking for information on WAR.

That brings us to the second reason I've faltered, readers, I've slowly become hooked on WAR and I've got it bad. To start with, I've joined a pre launch guild called, "Casuaties of War" and I spend most of my time trolling the guilds forum boards, like some kind of MMO whore trying to get a WAR fix. I read WAR centric blogs and listen to podcasts, like ChaosCast, devoted exclusively to WAR news.

I tell you, it's a pretty sad state. I've even hyped the game a little here, on my own blog, which I still can't believe I did. Although, the Tome of Knowledge is the coolest aspect that I've discovered so far about WAR, other than the RvR and Crafting. Damn it! I'm doing it again.

In my defense, I can't truly hype WAR as effectively as EA Mythic can. The fever is getting very high now, even after the annouced changes. The changes that removed 2 major careers from both sides and eliminated 4 capital cities. There was a bit of a squabble here and there with Fanboys, but I honestly don't think that hurt the games chances at a successful launch.

I won't say I'll ever be a fanboy, but I can see myself enjoying WAR and having a great time. But in the future, I'll try to keep the pre release hype to a mimuim.


  1. lol, how the tables have turned ;) Don't sweat it too much bud. I'm still a little ambivalent but I hear the game is fun and that certainly counts for something.

  2. I try to be cautious about my personal pre-launch excitement, but it's been tough with WAR. So many MMO's have left me flat since DAoC, and I'm hoping Mythic manages to capture a little massive magic.

    WoW's a fine single-player game, and a great game for raiding with 25 or 40 of your closest friends. Outside that, though, it's pretty poor on community. I'm hoping WAR brings me moments like DAoC did, where your entire faction has a reason to be proud of something you've all worked on.

  3. I have to agree that the over all community of WoW is pretty poor. The LFG is actually a joke. I know this, because as a 70 Prot Warrior I've been sitting in the LFG que for hours at a time and not gotten one invite. Pretty sad. My best chance of getting a group these days is by hanging out in a major city waiting for people to yell LF TANK.

    With the Public quest system and the over all RvR in place, I'm hoping this will be a lot more fun. I'm also excited about Taunts actually working in PvP as opposed to WoW where they are useless except in PvE.

    Needless to say, I still like WoW to some extent, if only for the occasional heroic or raid runs and hanging out with the very friendly guild I'm in.

    Funny thing, last night while I was raiding Kara, I spent more time chatting with a guildie in Vent about WAR. He is very excited about it as well, which is good, the more converts we get the better. lol

  4. I've pretty much given up trying to hold myself back on WAR. I was getting labeled a fanboy even when I was criticizing Mythic, so mine as well go all out.

    Glad to have another Casualty.

  5. Well, It's been a long time since I was excited about a game.

    I got into EQ2 only because a friend bought me the game, I ended up bailing on that for WoW a year after WoW was released, and even then I was only interested in hanging out with friends.

    I was kind of excited to try CoH after I had started WoW and was hitting a slump, but it and my trial of Tabula Rasa did nothing to pull me away from WoW.

    Lotro was just a nice diversion, but even that got old after the first 10 levels and AoC, which I was kind of excited about, just failed to hit on all cylinders and I quickly bailed on it.

    Right now, I'm still sub to WoW, but I only pop on to do a few dailies and hang with Peeps, that aren't doing anything because they are all waiting on WOTLK, which I find silly, but oh well.

    So, WAR comes and starts to peek my interest, it looks good from the pictures, the concept of RvR being more of a fair playing field is also something to look forward too...then I found out about the TOK and I was hooked.

    So, now I wait with anticipation for something to steal me from Wow.