Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Pimpage of WAR

I'm going to pimp two sites that have good WAR info, since the NDA has dropped.

Over at A Wall of Text, Brent has some really great videos of in game action as does Keen of Keen and Graev's. They have a great video of a tier 2 tower siege, really cool stuff.

Also, the WAR data base is up and running and has tons of information.

So far none of the video or blogs I've read have put me off my WAR game.l I'm still very excited about it and look forward to my preview weekend. Currently, I have the game downloaded and I'm just waiting for the patcher to become active so I can get the next step underway.

Don't worry, I won't over blog about WAR, especially once it gets started. But for now, I'll post what little info I can squeeze out of my fellow CoW's. lol Which will be easy now that the guild vent server is up. They are going to hate the sound of my voice.


  1. The vent server is up? I didn't see a post on that, I'll have to go forum hunting to find that info I guess ><

    I've had my head so buried in getting my War videos up and running that I've barely been to the Casualties forums.

    Perhaps lunch time today will provide the opportunity. Hey, thanks for the plug too. I'm still working on adding much more, as today I hope to complete all my black orc vids and move on to Ironbreaker, Runepriest, more Shaman, Marauder, etc

    Man I still have alot of vids to push out!

  2. I want to see that Rune Priest, but the Engineer made me stop for a sec and that's in the running from my alt. I have to agree, I'm not sure I like the copter as a riding mount, but they have them in WoW, so I guess it will be ok.

  3. Oh forgot to say your "Welcome" on the pimpage. I like to promote good sites and your's certain qualifies.

  4. Psst. The link to Wall of Text is pointing to WarDB. ;)