Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Kool Aid

Poor Darren over at Common Sense Gamer. He does not think WAR is awesome. The sad thing is, he posted how he felt on his blog and now, people are upset. People are actually upset. I can't believe he would do that on his own blog, I mean offer an opinion that didn't conform to those of others.

Apparently, his position is that WAR is a good game, just not the answer to WoW. I can't actually believe he had the nerve to say that. That's like throwing yourself on a live hand grenade these days. Does he not know how rabid the gaming community is over WAR? Has he not seen the signs? The flood of WAR centric blogs, the videos, the podcasts that have been around since the game was just a whisper on the lips of Mythic. Has he not seen the Hype? My god, the man is in for it now. He's cut himself deep while treading in shark infested waters.

I mean, he clearly states that WAR is a good game, he enjoyed it, but it just didn't seem to capture enough of his attention in the beta to justify playing it full time. To top it all off, he actually said that he was looking forward to what SoE had to offer in the next year or so, saying that..
FreeRealms, DCU and Agency will offer MMO GAMEPLAY mechanics that are new and interesing.
and that...
...even though WAR is released in 2008, it is still a game caught in the past and, like it or not, with the same feature sets (…with some variations…) as WoW/EQ2/LOTRO. It still follows the definition of an MMO as set out by Blizzard in 2004 and as set out by Everquest in 1999. Same forumla. Same game. Different IP.

Games like DCU, FreeRealms, Agency, Wizard101…those are the future…
Since that little post, he has been accused of drinking the so called "SoE Koolaid". I mean the nerve to like something other than WAR and to say nice things about Sony in the same breathe is just, well, it's just blasphemy.

The sad hard truth is , he's probably right. I mean, so he doesn't like WAR and thinks SoE has a better shot of producing the next gen of MMO's. I don't like hockey and I'm sure a lot of hockey fans don't have a problem with that, as a matter of fact, I don't think they even care.

I'm sure the reason that Darren is in trouble is that people value his opinion about games. He has a huge following, me being one of them, and I think they expected him to get on board the WAR boat and sail the uncharted PQ seas.

Apparently, NOT!

I'm not saying they shouldn't be disappointed, he didn't like their game and now they are bummed, but come on, why attack a man because he has a different opinion than yours?

Do you really think he's drinking the SoE Kool Aid? Brent might be, but only because they turned him into a game card, but Darren?

I'm about to switch from WoW to WAR and people will probably be saying the same thing about me. I'm excited about WAR. Does that mean I think WoW sucks, no. I'm just tired of WoW. Blizzard did their job and had me entertained for a good 3 yrs and now I'm ready to try something else. Is it Blizzard's fault? No. I'm ready for a new experience and I'm hoping I can get it from WAR. Does that mean I'm drinking the Mythic Kool Aid? No!

I'm just saying it's madness to condemn someone because they aren't interested in your game. He didn't belittle WAR, he offered an opinion, that I honestly believe is correct. WAR has a lot of the same mechanics as a other MMO games, they just beefed them up and changed a little here and there. I'm still going to play it, because I'm ready to try something different. If it turns out to be a WoW clone...then, OK, its a WoW clone. I liked WoW, I should like WAR. I'm sure it will be different enough to capture my interest for a few months maybe even years, till the next thing comes a long.

I'm saying, just because they don't like your Kool Aid doesn't mean their drinking someone elses.


  1. Shame on you for actually trying to make some sense out of this hysteria.

    You will be dealt with accordingly.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

  2. Can you be bribed with unclaimed game show prizes?

  3. @Oak

    Nope...unless those unclaimed prizes include a brand new car (which I'm in desperate need of). :(

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

  4. Nicely said...
    I did a post on WAR.
    For some reason it is hidden among my other posts. Must be because of the post equaling one paragraph...roughly.

    Of course, I rode the glory hole (train...sorry..TRAIN) of Age of Conan.
    I was pulled in and enamored with the gorgeous detail and love given to Tortage..
    Then the experience ended when I got to the mainland.
    I feel the hype will die down, and then the real stuff will come out.
    Hope you enjoy your time though, and I will watch all of the bloggers and see how they feel several levels in.

  5. I've been observing the MMO blog community for sometime now and one thing is certain, they can't seem to make up their mind.

    Ok, example. POTBS was suppose to be a great game. Something new and exciting. If you search back you'll see people really psyched about it. So what happened? The hype didn't live up to the actual game play.

    But then the reverse can happen. People trashed TR once the NDA was released, problem was, they fixed the a good percentage of the issues people had in beta and released a pretty flawless product, but by then the damage had been done. After a game gets poor reviews, no one goes back a few months later and check on the progress, they just don't. It's review it, move on to the next item up for review.

    I think that WAR has a good chance at being a good game, if people will just relax, wait for the release, give it a fair shot with a review and then let people play that want to play. How hard is that?