Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Preview Weekend

Spent all weekend playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. I have to say, the Chosen are lots of fun. Good amount of defense and lots of nice juicy damage.

I'll post more later, once the euphoria wears off and I start coming down off my gaming high, then I will be able to express myself better and be more objective. Sure, there are issues, but it's a beta and they have a month to get the game polished (Sorry, Darren) and ready to ship. So, I'm not going to be as critical as some people would be.

Lets just say, the game was fun, I plan to buy it and I'll be playing it more than any other WoW substitute I have tried in the last year. I will still be playing WoW. Why? Because WoW is different from WAR and WAR is different from WoW. Even though they have similar core dynamics, they are virtual different games.

But I'll chit chat about this later. In the mean time, enjoy a few screen shots I took.


  1. Thanks. I didn't think about taking Pics till very late in my journey thru WAR. I wish I had taken more to post on the site. I'm not big into making in game videos like Wall of Text, but I do like to take the occasional screen shot. lol

    The Preview was fun, very informative and left me craving more. So I'll be there for the Open Beta and launch.