Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Merger

Well, this week my WoW guild has been making preparations for the upcoming expansion. I've been listening to them plan the future of the guild on Ventrilo and playing WAR at the same time. I wish I could feel bad for doing that, but I can't. lol

The planning involves merging with another guild and starting up the raid machine. Yippie! I think the last raid I did was over 4 months ago, but since it was a very productive raid, my warrior got 10 epics in Kara, I've not been complaining much. Well, by complaining much, I limited my begging to do more raids to only 5 times a week, but the leadership was too busy doing battlegrounds and arenas. The answer I got for not raiding was, and I quote:
"PvP is cheaper than Raiding and when the expansion comes out all your epics will be obsolete the minute you start questing in the new zones, so why even bother till the expansion comes out."
A statement, even to this day I don't even understand. Hey, if you don't want to raid, great, more power to you, but you should at least help the rest of us, who want to do something, especially those of us that want to stay raid spec and not spend tons of money switching from Prot to DPS every other day. Sure raiding can be expensive, but that is why they invented dailies so you'll be able to make money to pay for that expense.

But I digress.

So they are going to merge with another guild. This will take place as soon as they come up with a name. I listened to a few last night while I was running scenarios in WAR, but nothing they said seemed to have the same ring as Casualties of WAR. lol Honestly, I think it's great that the guild is merging and we will be raiding again. The problem for me is the implementation of DKP, Dragon Kill Points.

I have a real life. If I'm dealing with that and unable to raid, I don't get points, therefore, I will be gimped because I lack the gear to do the bigger raids. I'm being assured that this won't be an issue and that the guild's main purpose will be to help everyone who wants to progress not just the elite few that have no life and can raid all the time. The other issue is my current love, WAR. How am I going to split my time between WoW and WAR when the guild really starts to raid again, especially when the expansion comes out? All problems I will have to figure out.

Course this will be a moot point in December. I'm hoping to get my shoulder fixed then, which means surgery causing my left arm to be completely immobile for 3 weeks or more. Bummer! I'll just have to learn to do everything with one hand. lol I will need to earn some DKP some how.

Other than that little bit of WoW news, I've been spending just about all my time in WAR spending lots of great time doing sewer runs and scenarios with my guild mates, who are just fantastic by the way. I do hop on WoW for the guild meetings and to do a little bit of farming. I still need an epic flying mount for my Prot Warrior, Oakstout.

I purchases Spore, played it for maybe two hours and then I shelved it. It just didn't appeal to me as much as SimCity or Rollercoaster Tycoon did. I might fire it up again in the coming weeks, but it might, I fear, stay shelved for a long time.


  1. DKP is (my opinion) just about the worst of the looting systems for anyone with a job and/or a real life.

    However, if they opt to not use the attendance penalty rule, it makes it much less painful if you get to keep the points you've earned regardless how often you raid.

  2. They have no plans to penalize anyone for not showing up, course if they sign up and don't show up then I'm sure they may access some kind of penalty but right now if you can't make it your ok.

    Problem is, with me playing both a tank and a mage, I'll be accruing less points than the others so unless they already have the gear, it might take forever for me to catch up to everyone once I can play a normal schedule.

    But, I have to accept that change is necessary. Not raiding is worse than raiding with DKP, even if I get behind on gear. The promise is that they want everyone, not just the elite core raiders to get gear, so I'm hopeful that I won't be behind by much. But thats something I'll just have to see about.

    If it gets to the point of being more of a hassle then I'll just play WAR more and drop WoW.

  3. I'm just glad that WAR isn't gear dependent, which makes the game more fun. I can jump in at any level, hook up with guildies and do a wide range of stuff from taking a keep, questing, running PQs or just run a few scenarios. I'm not hampered by my gear, just by the number of people playing and maybe my level. Ever though the level isn't a big deal because people a few levels higher than me can still get some XP and run me thru quests very easily.