Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Troll

WAR is here to stay. I have found the game to be a very stable, for me at least, and extremely fun during it's first week of launch. I enjoy the RvR aspect and the public quest system. Having several way fun ways of obtaining great gear, not just gear that works for PvP but for PvE as well, is fantastic.

So, from the statement above you can tell that I like the game, I'm having fun and it's something that I enjoy playing. Therefore, I have posted my feelings on the subject here.


Because that is what a blog is for, to post ideas and subjects that as an individual, I might or might not be interested in. There are several types of blogs, but this is a personal blog, one in which I will chat about what I find fun and interesting. Things I enjoy doing or not doing. I have a comment section so that people, who are are interested in what I have to say, can post their personal reactions to my various subjects, not to offer an invitation to devious Trolls.

WAR is the new thing. It is here to stay. There are a lot bloggers who are playing WAR and therefore, there will be a lot of them posting about their experiences on their personal blogs. They are also very passionate about the game, so there tends to be large walls of text devoted to it. This doesn't mean they want people to tell them how silly the game is, or how much of a noob they are for playing it. They really don't care if you don't like the game, because they do, so trying to convince them through continued abuse in their comment section will not garner any respect.

Now, if you have a legitimate grip about the game, then sure, you can provide evidence that might support your attempt to change their mind, but it probably won't work, because they are posting about how they feel and no commenter can really know how another person feels. But in the end the trick is not to harass. If you feel differently, you should just create your own personal blog and post your own feelings. What you want is to have the respect of others in the community, so attacking someone, personally, in a comment section or on your own blog is very bad manners.

Bloggers can deal with constructive criticism, but to argue with them on the subject of how they feel is like trying to hold back a hurricane with a sheet of paper. It's just plain crazy.

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  1. Here, here, Oak! It's not like we can't take the criticism. I mean, I'm surrounded by people on a daily basis who slam me for my interest in games in general. I don't need experienced gamers calling me out for my choice of what I like to play. It's like beating on someone for liking the color red.

    A couple of my friends got together last week to watch a complete season of The Office on DVD. A good six hours of fun, right? So when they proceeded to call me out on taking time off from work to play Warhammer, I simply asked..."But it was okay for you to spend one of your days off watching a TV show, of which you probably already watched when the episodes originally aired?"

    Trouble is, I still understood them more than they understood me. Ah well.