Monday, September 15, 2008

WAR Begins!

Tomorrow morning, I'll get to really start playing WAR. Tomorrow is the Pre-Order head start program offered by Mythic for those that did not have the cash to plunk down for the Collector's Edition, which started on Sunday.

To say that I enjoyed both the Preview Weekend and the Open Beta is an understatement. I tried to play a good range of different characters on both the Destruction and the Order side, but I'm still not certain what I plan to play tomorrow.

I will have to play a Dwarf for sure, but will that be my main? Not sure. Will I play an Ironbreaker, Engineer or Rune Priest? Still uncertain. I did play and enjoy the Engineer during the open beta, but not sure if I want to continue that at this time. I'm leaning towards an Ironbreaker, but I'll see how many of those the guild has before I decide to go that route. My purpose is to fill in where the guild is lacking. That bit of strategy has worked for me in WoW so I'm hoping to try it again in WAR. It forces me to play classes that I would not normally chose for myself, but in the end, just complete love playing.

Well, I have lots of screen shots from the open beta that I want to share, but I've not had time to rummage through them to make the presentable, but I'll try to do that this week.

Well, hope to see you in the game tomorrow.


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