Friday, October 17, 2008

The Casual, Relaxed Fit.

I know those that read my site recently might think I may have fallen back in love with WoW and that WAR might suffer from that. True, Blizzard did make World of Warcraft look very tempting and visually enhanced, but its not as interesting as her easy, sexy half sister WAR.

I'm here to say that I'm going to be playing WAR for a very long time and that even though WoW has won some of my interest back, I will still be making head way towards T4 and the trouncing of some Destro city real soon.

Why will I be playing WAR after the free month? For the fact that I was able to log during the wee hours of this morning before work and level my Rune Priest from 5 to 6, and still being able to shower, shave and make it to work on time (Ok, I was 20 minutes late, but I need a biscuit from McDee's).

Here is what I did, I got in the que for a scenario, ran around doing two or three very simple quests, got my scenario invite, managed to be 1st on the healing chart, WOOT ME, turned in the simple quests and was able to ding all in a very very short time. Tell me that isn't awesome. The game allows the casual player to log in, run a few simple things, log out and still feel like you've made some headway with your character. It's not like WoW with it's very grindy slow paced system.

That being said, I plan to stay with WAR, because you can't eat chicken all the time, occasionally you need a little red meat. lol


  1. I'm happy everyone else is seeing something I apparently fail to in WAR. It's almost like we're playing two different games that was sold in the same box.

    WAR has felt like nothing but a grind. A lonely grind, at that. I can login to Rappelz and find more people around and more lively conversation, and that's just sad.

    My shaman has been 10 for... two weeks? I login, look around, check my map and quests... I have no idea what to do. Other than queue for the only fucking piece of shit scenario anyone will ever play.

  2. There is so much to do, login do a PQ or scenerio. Maybe even just quest or catch up on you tome!

  3. Let's see... there's no one ever around so that discounts any PQ's. Ya kinda have to have a P in order to Q there.

    Scenario. I like how you at least said it in the singular form since only ONE scenario per tier ever pops. /yawn

    Quest? /yawn WAR has the most boring PvE this side of a Korean F2P.

    Tome? Why? I guess the game hasn't made a good enough impression on me that I care one way or the other about Tome unlocks.

    So basically, like I said, I stand around bored out of my skull until I either logout or the ONE scenario in my tier pops. Again.

  4. I view scenarios much like I do TF2. I log in, get in a Que, and wait for a scenario to pop. If it takes longer than a minute or two, I'll run around and do a few quick quests, if not, I'll jump right in a scenario.

    I'll do maybe 3 or 4 in a short amount of time, then log out and head to bed. In that short time, usually under an hour, I've gathered some xp, renown and avenged myself upon people because of the bad work day I've had, or not, depending on the opposing forces numbers.

    By heart I tend to be a solo type person. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with the CoWs but being able to log in quick do one or two things and log out, accomplishing some of my weekly goal isn't a bad run.

    WoW, I must admit has gotten to be less grindy with the extra xp at lower levels and the ability to log in and do a few daily quests, if your not getting pounded by the Horde, (I'm on a PvP server and I usually am spec to raid, Prot Warrior , don't ya know) But still, to get good gear, or to make any headway towards the next step in the end game, you have to grind rep, instances or raids to get any where fast. I just don't see that with WAR. Get a large group, it could be 25 guildies or 25 PuGs, take keep, kill keep lord, get loot and glory...done in 20 mins.

    I don't think you can do anything at WoW's end game with out a lot of prep, or long hours of play. Am I wrong? This to me is grindy.

  5. Back when I played, yes it was a grind. I'm guessing it still is. Raid, then spend the next day grinding gold to pay for the repair bills and restock consumables for the next raid. Rinse, repeat.

    In WAR the overwhelming majority of quests are the Kill Ten Rats variety. Then there are the Kill Collectors. They could give worthwhile xp per kill and drop those NPC's from the game, but whatever.

    Then you step into a PQ where it's Kill 100 Rats; Kill 5-10 Strong Rats; Kill the Bad Mamma Jamma Boss Rat. Rinse, Repeat.

    Even Scenarios. I don't know that people are picking ONE scenario because it's the most fun, or because that single scenario is the one that gives the most reward: xp, renown, gear. Either way, people are grinding that scenario to level.

  6. True, there is an issue with the way just one scenario keeps popping especially if everyone selects join all when queing for a scenario. Not sure how the same one can pop every time but it does.

    They should let you rotate through each scenario. Say, you've done Nordic watch, then you have that taken out of the que, when you click join all, say its on cool down for 3 or 4 minutes, that way you don't keep seeing the same scenario all the time.