Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Area of Effect

I've been away from the mother ship for sometime and have only recently started my slow indoctrination back into the collective of mindless, borg like, MMO players. In my, me time, I only played Wow for short spurts, specifically, when the last content patch came, which introduced all of new and wonderful changes to class talent trees. I did manage, after the patch, to spec out my Protection Warrior using the new tree design (actually, I copied a fellow guildies Prot spec, but he is an awesome tank, and I hate thinking), and I have to say, they gave us out all the loving one company can to a character class. Sorry Steelrat my friend, they just don't like rogues.

Protection warriors are the new AoE tanks. This didn't become very evident to me, due to my limited game play, until last night when I started my stroll through Northrend. I was able to pull 3 or 4 mobs at a time and still had complete and utter control over them without any mess. Starting off my attack rotation with thunderclap, cleave, and finally stunning them with the new talent, Shockwave. So far it's been very effective and efficient.

I was also informed, by a fellow guld member, that pulling 3 or 4 mobs at a time was a pretty low count for a 70 protection warrior, but in my excuse, I don't have all the nice pretty gear that comes from some raiding instances. I do have all the gear out of Kara, except for the shield, which would have been nice, since the blue one I still have is pretty lame, but I did managed to get a ring and shoulder pads from ZA in the last few weeks, but since everyone is moving forward, I think my chances of getting great gear are in front of me, not behind at this point.

I am currently deciding if I should level my warrior or Mage first, but either way, I am sure I will be enjoying Northrend way more than I expected. I did notice that the horde have resumed hostilies, but that was before I found all my new spells and had them properly placed on my hot bar, now I wouldn't be so certain they would win that fight in a rematch. lol


  1. This is good news. My "NEW" warrior just hit 60 (I had two 70's previously all Alliance though) so I may not feel too bad about going prot now. Course the shiny new talents may require 70 so I may stick to my AOE frontal Arms/Fury two hand death spec.

  2. yea, the DPS you get from being a Prot warrior now is pretty nice. I have often dreamed of specing back to a full DPS warrior, I loved being a MS warrior back in the day, but now that they have made Prot Tanks more fun, I may stay the course to 80. But if I get ganked one more time, I'm going to start switching out gear and get my DPS on.

    The trick is, shockwave, shield bash and concussive blow to keep those pesky rogues and casters off ya. lol