Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Possiblity of Change!

I've been considering going back to Word Press. I like the ease of Blogspot, but it's not as dynamic or versatile as Word Press, I am sorry to say, but it does handle uploading images a lot better and there is no limit as to how many you can upload, to the best of my knowledge.

In a perfect world, I want to try to post here and over on my old Word Press account. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to double post so for now, make sure this is the site in your readers. I did notice today while checking out my old site that it's been getting hits and lots of them, so apparently people are finding it a lot better than this site. I'm just hoping that Word Press has fixed the issue I had with uploading images. If they have, then I'll probably move my site back over. Don't worry, that will not be any time real soon and when it does happen, you, my loyal readers, will get plenty of notice.

If for some reason, I don't get to double post, don't shoot me, because sometimes I have a limited amount of time to post, but I will try to be consistant. I do want to give Word Press another shot at being the home for my blog, the lay out is much easier to manage and the column space was bigger, giving me room to create nice large walls of text lol. I moved for because every time I tried to load an image to the site, it would either, Epicly Fail, (My new favorite term, btw!) or it wouldn't align itself correctly on the page. Not sure why this was happening, but they had recently changed the way uploading images was done, so I'm sure that might have had something to do with it.

I'm not a very patient dwarf, as all dwarves tend to be, so I punted the site and came here. The problem is, this site is limited on its choice of layouts and I'm not computer sauve enought to either copy my someone else's design or create my own. The columns are way to small and anytime I use a large photo it always puts up the tiny size instead of the full size. This was not an issue on Word Press, when uploading images wasn't a problem.

Anyway, Just wanted to know I would be back at my old Word Press site doing some experimenting and that a move might happen, unless it fails again.

Course, I'm happy to entertain any suggestions on blog design if anyone has any. Just don't suggest I get my own website, because right now, paying for two MMO's is about all I can afford to pay out to Al Gore's internet right now. Don't forget that the internet is a bunch of tubes.

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