Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Expansion

I just wanted to log on really quick and give my readers some insights from WOTLK and it's wonderful release. In two words....


I was planning by this time to have at least taken a look at some of the new content, maybe create a Death Knight, but the server ques after installing last night were just horrific. Not to mention all the extra patching needed once it was installed, I'm not even sure my current Mods will be working when I finally do get to log in, which happens every time something is patched in WoW. Why even have a community of modders when you spend all your free development time figuring out ways to break their carefully crafted mods that just about all the players rely on. Just because you change some code, it shouldn't cripple the community by breaking everything. Should it?

So, this morning, I woke up at 8am and decided to give it another try, but alas, my server, Darkspear, which is the only one I have characters on that are over 55, which is the requirement to create a Death Knight, is down for rolling restarts. I can't even log into another server to look at the new content because all my 70's are on the server thats down. Again, Epic Fail.

So, I'm hoping that when the server comes back up, the que won't be 55 minutes like it was last night at 9pm EST, when I tried to log in after installing and patching. Look, I understand that people have returned to the game and that there are issues with an expansion's launch, but Blizzard this ain't your first rodeo. Didn't you learn ways to fix this sort of thing with the last expansion launch? Servers crashed, ques were awful and they just didn't seem to have things ready. This time, same thing. Why can't we learn from our failures?

Look at SoE and the number of expansion they have successfully launched for EQ and EQ2. They have gotten it right. Everytime they launch a new expansion, I hear how smooth it goes and how everyone is happy about it. I just don't understand how the learning curve can be so high on a second expansion?

Maybe I'm over stating the problem, but I've got the itch and they don't seem to be able to help me scratch it. Blizzard needs to do better when launching new product. They just seem to be unable to keep the boat a float when they add on more bloat. lol Sorry couldn't resist.

Well, I'm hoping to get a chance to view some of the new content and maybe create a Death Knight this weekend. Wish me luck.


  1. Oak, to be honest EQ2 has about 10 million less people trying to log into its servers so of course an expansion is easier to launch.

    Now as for the other issues, yes that sucks. As of this hour my server had one rolling restart, but this has happened every morning for the past two weeks. This expansion just came out, millions bought it. Some people 2-3 copies. There will be some downtime this weekend. It is gonna be nuts sir. Remain calm...deep breath...the DK's and the new starting areas are well worth it but you have no idea HOW MANY there are. It is insane.

  2. Every time SOE launches an expansion? You are kidding right?

    The first couple runs at expansions it was a disaster for both EQ and EQ2.

    Even as late as Echoes of Faydwer day one was a fiasco for EQ2. Go read my posts from around Nov. 15, 2006.

    And SOE has trouble even getting boxes on the shelves so you can get the expansion.

    Blizzard, as with BC, encourages people to get their accounts active and patched before the WotLK came out. If you already had the 3.0.2 patch on your system, it just had to run again after the install and you were set. Then you were set for the queues.

    As for the queues... yeah... they suck. If you are on a really high pop server there are free server transfers available. Other wise you have to suck it up like the rest of us if you want to try it out. I could see the case being made for waiting a couple of weeks.

  3. Apparently I was a bit misinformed about the success of SoE's expansion launches. I was under the impression they didn't go that badly but apparently hey have in the past.

    I'm just annoyed is all. I wait till friday to buy the expansion, I even wait till late evening to even install it, and I still can't get in because they have too many people in line to play. I'm just wondering couldn't they have increased the server cap or made it possible to open up more channels to get more people online? I mean, now they want people to move to empty servers, isn't that a bit crazy.

    It's not like players didn't already have accounts on said congested servers or they wouldn't be coming back, who buys the game fresh and tries to play on a high volume server?

    I'm just wondering, how could they have fixed the issue before hand? There had to be a way to say, we have "X" number of people on Server "A" who have active and inactive accounts. We want them all to come back and play with us, so we just make allowances for them to all try and log in at the same time, how can we fix this?

    These are fundamental questions that should have either had answers or a memo should have gotten out to players saying, peak times might be this so please try again at off peak times.

    We are in the age where a Black man can become president and we can have a holgram tell us about election coverage, so we must have a better way of getting all these people online with out too much hassle, that is all I'm saying.

    Oh, I did get in this morning after the restarts lol.

  4. Burn out is always a givin unless your just a crazy person that loves pain. I even get bored watching the same TV shows week after week to the point where I tend to Tivo them and watch them when I'm "in da mood".

    Don't worry about the epic flyer money. The quests in Northrend net about 4 to 5 gold a completion, so by the time your 80 there should be tons of money and if they applied the same mechanic that they did in TBC, once you hit 80 any quests you finish after that will increase the net value of the money from the completion of the quests. So you could end up getting 15 or more gold per quest at 80.

    I'm slowly building myself up to playing more of the new expansion, but I'm pacing myself so I DON'T GET BURNED OUT.